Monday, August 27, 2012

They by Vincent Hobbes

TheyThey by Vincent Hobbes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

THEY is a good story. That is the first thing I will say, so don't get hung up on stars here. It was fast and is a great way to spend a lunch break. There is a very pervasive feeling of doom almost from the onset and Vincent Hobbes does a splendid job of creating mood.

This is one of those stories that leaves everything to the imagination of the reader. You are forced to take a black and white image and fill in all the colors here and that is wonderful. You can get as deep into this tale as you like and scare yourself silly, or you can just read it as an outline and pass the time with it.

My complaints are that the story could use some polish and detailing to smooth out a few errors. Also, the minimalist approach is done well, but this seemed at times like an outline for something more in depth. There are times when Mr. Hobbes gives the reader some detail and that works, but it plays against the author in the sense that it is done in uneven doses. There is particular attention payed to one very gruesome and intense scene, but then the rest of the story makes that scene a touch awkward.

This is my first selection from Vincent Hobbes, and now I will seek out something full-length to see if his fine talent gives the payoff that I anticipate from having read this sample.

So, today was simply a review. I must admit that I am swamped right now and will probably be very sporadic the next several days. I have a few articles that I want to write and share, plus I have some more guests coming up...just bare with me for a few as I try and get myself squared away. Maybe a few of you can make some helpful suggestions in the comments or via email about some topics that interest you. I will say that I have one article in particular that I am researching about the shady side of the Indie business...but I MUST check my facts before I fire off the cannons and call for a rally of the troops.

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