Monday, August 20, 2012

A temporary absence...

Greetings to one and all... Hard to believe that the year is almost two-thirds over. I have been busier than at any time in my life. (That includes my time in a US Navy Soviet Acoustical Analysis course with the second highest fail rate next to their nuclear power program.) The upcoming year will signal some wonderful changes...including the planned reunion with my daughter, Ronni. But I must keep my focus on the here and now, because things have really taken some amazing turns for the better.

I am taking a break from Dead: Siege & Survival to write this post, but for those interested, I am over 45,000 words in and it is providing me no end of enjoyment as it really shifts to full-on survival mode where the zombies have really become the least of people's problems.

I am happy to say that, for those of you who did not notice, we reached the goal I set for the NaNoWriMo fund raiser. You are all wonderful people. To all who contributed, your e-copy of the DEAD special edition will be sent this week.

On Wednesday, Laurie Boris will be my guest, and on Friday, it will be Alex Laybourne. Pay them a visit and see what they have to say. That brings me to the following announcement. Due to a VERY busy next couple of months, posts will probably only be three times a week. I honestly don't have enough to say to merit posting daily, and I want the guest interviews to have time to be seen by all.

In one final note, I have my first ever book signing on the horizon. Special thanks to Laurie's Paperback Exchange at the top of the hill in Oregon City. It will be noon to 4PM on Saturday, October 27th, and it will be highlighting the release of Zomblog: Snoe BEFORE it is available anywhere else (official release date October 31st). How exciting is that? There will be free stuff and a chance to just say "hi" if you are so inclined. So, until later...

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  1. I'll be there! I wouldn't miss it for the world!