Sunday, August 12, 2012

Apocalypstik By Gregory Carrico

I've had this book--Apocalypstik--on my Kindle for a while, and for some reason, it kept being overlooked. BIG MISTAKE! Gregory Carrico has a wonderful way with words. These stories are equal parts well written and engaging. Once you start, you simply can not stop until you reach the end.

The first story, "Finding Home" was my hands down favorite of the two. It was disturbing and just sucked you into the mind of the narrator. I could almost feel the madness seeping out of the words on the screen. It was lightning in a bottle and my only criticism is that I wish it had been last because it was just so good.

The second story "Killing Tiffany Hudson" was real good. It had the misfortune of following such an amazing story. I actually had to set it down and come back after a day and read it fresh because the first story left such an impression.

This is a clean read and well edited. Kudos to Mr. Carrico. I will be adding him to my "gotta read" list. 

As a side note for Mr. Carrico, I tried to post on Goodreads and his book is not listed. 

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