Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Ghosts of Chancellorsville by Dane Grannon

I am familiar with the works of this author and already knew he could put together a fine full-length offering. It is nice to see that his chops carry over to shorts as well. The story is fast paced and may leave you behind if you try to scan-read it. The length is such that you can read it twice in a coffee break. I recommend that you do, because you will enjoy some of the subtleties more that way. As an aficionado of all things Civil War, it was a special treat. It belongs in one of the numerous periodicals that specialize in that era as a nice filler between the thousandth critical analysis essay of Gettysburg. (Seriously, you can only dissect it so many ways.) The edits are clean (I counted one mistake) which makes it even better when so many indies (not all...but there are some) make little to no effort in edits, so kudos there as well. I suggest picking it up for the coming work week. It beats gossip at the water cooler. (The writer needs to add his stuff to Goodreads so that reviews can be posted there as well.)

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