Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo...and "Oh, the HORROR!"

Today starts my quest to write book 5 (wow...already on book 5!) in the DEAD series. This one is titled Dead: Siege& Survival and might give Dead: Winter a run for its money in the realm of dark. I will start warning people now...there will be some VERY unpleasant moments ahead for some of the characters as winter tightens its grip on a world overrun by the undead. The complete lack of infrastructure is something not to be taken lightly. I won't give away too much here, but I have been doing my research on things like hypothermia and The Donner Party. Stay tuned...this will be THE ONLY place you will find some raw excerpts.

In other news...I have a special offer. Anybody who comments on today's post and says "PICK ME!" will be thrown into a random drawing to be a guest character in my DEAD world. I will even let you choose the role of hero or villain. You will have no say in how your "namesake" is depicted or how long he or she will live. However, if you want to see your doppelganger appear in the pages of Dead: Siege & is your chance. You must respond today (August 1, 2012) because I will be writing the Geek story today and "you" will be included in the  Vignettes section.

I would like to apologize for that horrifying image. I did warn you that it would be part of today's post. Kinda like a car accident that you can't look away from isn't it? Yes, after suffering a serious knee injury that I do not have the insurance to take care of, I sat around and gained almost 55 pounds. That is NOT okay. SO, knee injury or not...I have committed myself to returning to the P90X program. While I will probably not be super strict on the dietary part...I will be changing my eating habits considerably. 

After day one (Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X) I can say that I am in terrible shape. I have ballooned up to 259 pounds and here were my numbers. (For those not familiar, you do 2 rounds of every exercise): 
Standard Push Ups: 18/12  Wide Front Pull-Ups: 4/3  Military Push-Ups: 12/7 Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 3/2 Wide Fly Push Ups: 16/11 Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups: 3/2 Decline Push Ups: 12/7 Heavy Pants: 12 reps 17#/10 reps 17# Diamond Push Ups: 5/4 Lawnmowers: 12 reps 17#/12 reps 17# Dive-Bomber Push-ups: 6/5 Back Flys: 10 reps 17#/10reps 17#. Ab Ripper: 10 reps (of 25 for the full program).

I give huge credit to my wife, Denise, for stepping up and joining me. I will not post her numbers because those are her business. I am posting mine because the "shame factor" will hopefully motivate me. From having a 315# flat bench, 225# incline, and to hit 400# squats and deadlifts for reps of this. It is just not something I am very happy about. I won't bore you with all the workout details...but I will post the occasional update and I hope my friends will chime in with their support from time to time.

Aoife, my Border Collie, is very, I am like her own personal salt lick. The only time it gets a bit tricky is when she wriggles underneath me during push ups and tries to lick my face. So, that brings me to today's Olympic challenge...this one is easy. Do a cartwheel. Now imagine doing it on a balance beam. What a great performance by the women's gymnastics team!

Tomorrow, D.B .Tarpley will helm the ship and I will announce my Day 1 word count. Don't miss it.


  1. The last time I did a Cartwheel, I pulled a groin muscle. Don't ask. Kudos to you on getting your fitness on! I'm also working on it after a knee surgery and some other stuff. I'm not brave enough to post photos. Lol. Keep with it!!

    Oh, and "PICK ME!"


  2. PICK ME!
    I wish you much luck on your journey to getting fit and losing weight. I have had trouble with that my whole life. I get super motivated and then it just wanes away. At the moment I am recovering from a broken thumb. Just got the pins taken out yesterday and I feel like I am in more pain now than if it were still broken.


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  4. PICK ME!

    I hear you on the weight loss but sadly I have more hardware in my lower spine than most Home Depot's have in store. When I left the Army I was a beast at 6'1", 190lbs and 5% body fat but when I broke my spine about a decade ago I watched most of my hard work go to waist (pun intended)Now at 225 lbs I am still not that bad but more jelly than mad in the midsection. Trying to get back but there is only so much I can do with what I have.

    Best of luck brother, fight the good fight and I look forward to seeing the progress!


  5. PICK ME!!!! :-O

    Keep up the hard work on the exercise program! I'm going to start the Insanity workout on Monday. ("Insanity" is an apropos name for it.)


    1. Through a random drawing, your name was selected as first runner-up in the event I do not hear from the winner (and I may just use you both if you both respond). You now must decide on whether you want to be "good" or "evil". You may even provide a picture to be used during the description of the DEAD world's newest member. (Otherwise I make it up.) Please message me by midnight 8/2/2012...and congrats.

    2. YAY! I'm so excited!!!!!

  6. I would feel like a hypocrite if I was to try and encourage weight loss, what can I say...I get peckish between snacks...however power to you. I tell you what, here's an incentive, the more you weight you lose the more Olympic stuff and (Lean in here a little...some proper English tea...)I'll send in the post. By the way PICK ME!!! Or I'll send some Zombies over...

    - R.D. Teun

  7. Keep up the great work! Both in writing and in exercise!!!!

    PICK ME!!!

    1. Through a random drawing, your name was selected. You now must decide on whether you want to be "good" or "evil". You may even provide a picture to be used during the description of the DEAD world's newest member. (Otherwise I make it up.) Please message me by midnight 8/2/2012...and congrats.

  8. no comment on the weight loss other than good luck and go for it!
    DONT pick me.... I dont want to be eaten my zombies thanks... think my chances of survival would be pretty high as have no qualms about chopping ppls heads off.... I would probably get done in rescuing the animals!

  9. Congrats on taking control with the weight loss issue - have no doubt both you and Denise will achieve your goals.

    Oh an PICK ME!!! Isn't about time a nice granny died in a horror story?

  10. Good luck Todd on both adventures. Neither one is easy but you have plenty of people pulling for ya! Of course you can PICK ME I have lots of character!

  11. Oh Pick Me please! Your last two books carried me through a week at the beach when I unfortunately got sick and was stuck at the house. I think it would be cool. I was the fan of the Jennifer Zombie if you may recall. Thanks.