Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Short and sweet

Greetings all. This will be--as advertised--a very short and sweet blog post. As many of you know, I am involved in Camp NaNoWriMo working on the 5th book of the DEAD series...Dead: Siege & Survival (word count over 19,000 in the first 7 days!). As some of you know, I am also trying to raise money for the NaNoWriMo program. So, here is my offer...for any donation...a dollar or a hundred, you will be given the choice of being emailed an advanced .pdf of my newest Dead book upon completion for Beta reading and review, or (drum roll) Steve's group will be getting a few new members...imagine your name being one of them...or...I am about to introduce a new villain in the Geeks story line...have you ever wanted to be evil nasty and bad? This is your chance. And are just as suitable for being a "bad guy" as the fellas. SO, any donation made this week gives you the choice...this is way better than a PBS fundraiser. Okay...maybe not, but it still supports a good cause and gives you a bevy of prizes to choose from. Just tell me your choice in the comments section or via email.

Last note, a few guests will be stopping by the next few days, so be sure to show 'em the love.


  1. I can up the ante. You can add a PDF copy of the second draft of "Elements of Genocide" - my first Nano novel (with a 103K wordcount, completed in 30 days)to your list of options. It is for mature readers only however - it is very violent and pretty raunchy, a dark fantasy/horror based on Siberian myth.

  2. Thanks to Chantal for such a nice offer. And thanks to those who stepped in and were so very generous. And I would like to introduce the newest face of evil to grace a DEAD world...Wanda Beers. And, Wanda, if you send me a direct email, I want to show my thanks by sending you a signed copy of Dead: Siege & Survival upon release. Also, Betty, I would like you to have an advance ecopy of Dead: Siege & Survival.