Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What do you want?

The question is self-explanatory. Of course the context needs to be provided, so let me help with that. As many of you know, my web page is going live at 100% very soon. One of the things I will be offering is a newsletter. My plan is to just sort of update you on releases, toss out a contest or two, and after that...honestly, I have no idea.

So, what sorts of things would YOU like to see in my newsletter. After all, YOU are the ones who will read it. What will be interesting. Would you like updates on my Newfoundland and how she is progressing with her training? Her show appearances? How I spent my vacation?

Would you like it to feature reviews and book suggestions? Like I said, this newsletter can be whatever WE want it to be. So I just need you to let me know.

How about it? So, if you haven;t yet...drop on over to my NEW WEB SITE LOCATED AT THE END OF THIS LINK! Sign up for the newsletter. I will be announcing a cool giveaway for everybody who signs up before December 1st. So you may want to get over there.


  1. I ,for one, would like to see reviews, book recommendations, updates on Newfoundland, and a chapter of new books you write or at least a synopsis of what the book is about if it's not a series we already read! Hope this helps!

  2. I think you do most of those things on your blog already. For what it's worth, what I look for in an author newsletter is just news about new releases, events, giveaways/freebies -- maybe something that is just for newsletter subscribers (like a special price, or notice before the public announcement, giveaways/freebies, or even a short I can't get anywhere else).

    I get so many emails already that I don't want an email for everything. Especially if I already get notice of blog posts for that author. I think the newsletter should be something special -- not just the same types of things on the blog. If it looks like I'm just getting duplicate notices of the same things, I would probably unsubscribe to at least one of them. I just don't have the time to wade through it all. And I expect my readers are just as busy. Which is why I try to limit my newsletters to no more than one a month.

    Just my opinion and I'm sure others have different ones.