Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Can we talk?

Seriously. How would you like to have my undivided attention for ten minutes. (Ask my wife...that is a feat that is next to impossible.) I will even have my pups on hand if you want to say hi to them. Seriously, that is probably way cooler than talking to me.

Even about if we got to talk on Halloween!? Of course you have to have Skype or Google+ and your own web cam, and be over 21. If you fit those few requirements, then all you have to do is reply in the comments section below or on Wastebook. Or, if you want bonus points, email me at with "CAN WE TALK!" in the subject line.

The winner will chosen by random drawing on October 25 and announced here on the 26th. You will have me for 10 minutes on Halloween where you can ask me questions about any of my books, have me read a sample from DEAD: End Book 12 of the DEAD series talk to my African Grey, my Newfie or the two Border Collies. Plus, you will get a video tour of my office and the place I do all my work. It's YOUR 10 minutes, spend it how you want. 

(Doggy pictures posted by request.)


  1. 10 minutes that's so cool to bad i don't have a webcam .
    how about you give us a tour of you office at some point on your new page. after the winner gets to see it first.

  2. Wow that's great!!!