Wednesday, October 14, 2015

People are talking about me...

...and I LOVE IT!

As you may or may not know, I recently released my first full-length audio book narration. I did all the talking and post-production involved with putting together the audio book copy of DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon.

The reviews on Audible are trickling in, but I just received on from one of my peers and contemporaries. I love reading reviews. The good ones make me feel great and the constructive ones teach me where I can improve. Sure...there are trolls who just hate, but I have learned to ignore them (like the one person who grabs anything of mine on Audible just so he or she can leave a one star rating, but does not have the stones to leave a review that would reveal their identity). And just a note, I accept the fact that there will always be people who don't like what I write or what I do in the studio. That is the business of entertainment. And I have actually learned a lot from some of the negative and critical reviews, but I never respond to them or defend against them. That is for the amateurs. But I wanted to share a review that just populated on Audible. It is written by a writer who I am a fan of and enjoy reading. J. D. Demars, author of THE HUNT CHRONICLES (grab a copy if you have not read this kickoff to a damn good series) was kind enough not only to listen to my audio book, but he wrote an amazing review. I thought that I would share it just because it made my morning.

"Loved the fact that the Author was the Narrator"
Any additional comments?
I learned this was the author's first attempt at narrating his own novel. Though there was one spot where he repeated himself, and a couple more that were off, I am still giving him 5 stars for his performance. Mainly because he did what I expect in an audio book. The characters had their own voice and each was given personality. The reading was at minimum average and at best great. But either way, it just sounds better coming from the author himself. As an author myself, I KNOW I will never be able to do it, at least, not nearly as well as Brown did.

The story itself was great. I've been a fan of the Dead series since before I started writing myself. Even if you never read the main series, this book is fine as a stand alone. There is a beginning, strong middle, and a finality to it that was comfortable. Being in the apocalyptic genre myself, I am always critical of the way the stories play out. Most do not have an ending at all. This ending, while not "climatic", was appropriate for the story.

The characters were great. My favorite was the Ken, the retired cop. He wasn't a good or bad guy. Knowing many police officers, I know it is a occupation that leaves you jaded about most situations. Ken was portrayed great. He was the Dirty Harry character that wasn't "unstoppable", but instead relate-able.

The realism of Brown's writing gets me every time. Everything is possible (at least, as far as a zombie apocalypse is concerned), Too many stories in this genre have "Rambo" as the lead. Don't get me wrong, Ken and Jason are both pretty tough, but it's realistic. They have feelings (both good and bad).

I also have to mention Brown's use of the dogs. Being a dog lover myself, and having one of my main characters an actual dog, I was very happy with how Brown used them in this story. I would think getting into their heads would be cheesy, but Brown got 5+ stars from me when he showed things from their perspective.

Great work and I am looking forward to more of the snapshot series!

J.D. Demers

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  1. I also listened to the first book in the series of Dead: your town.
    I have never cared for nor read any Zombie tales. Just not my cup of tea but when I got this book on Audible and began listening to it, I was immediately hooked and my interest was held to the very last page. I tend to lose interest when something 'dings' as not correct or in sync with the story, so to continue to the very end was very good. In fact, I have listened to it twice just to make sure I didn't miss something.
    If there was anything to comment on, it was the letter that Violet left her sister Rose. Too long and flowery for someone who is dying (IMHO). Dying people would, I think, say things with the shortest words necessary. "go that" and not much more.
    That aside, Browns voice with the different characters was right on, as it was when it was just narrative. Also he has a pleasant listening voice, along with the captivating story line..
    All in all, much to my surprise, I enjoyed the book and would recommend anyone, zombie fan or not, get the book and read/listen to it. It's well worth the time to do so, and like me, you just might become a loyal fan of his works.
    Thank you, Mr. Brown, for a good story, an excellent listening story and also for your creativeness
    Janece in Panama.