Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop saying their names!

First, this might be a touchy subject, so feel free to tune out. I seldom like to discuss current events and such here. And I REALLY stay away from politics and religion. If I shared mine, it would automatically alienate everybody who was on a different plain of that realm's existence. Besides, do you really care who I would vote for or what my spiritual beliefs are? And if so...WHY?

As many of you might know, there was a horrible shooting in my state. Some lunatic walked in to Umpqua Community College and killed a bunch of people. He also hurt many others. The families dealing with that loss of a loved one are dealing with a tragedy that few can understand.

It has become a story that we see far too often. There will be noting here about gun control. My issue is with the horrible people who commit these acts. I also don;t want or care to talk about "mental" issues. Plenty of people struggle with issues, they don't all go on shooting sprees. I believe that some of these people actually decide to jump off that ledge for the fame and notoriety. That whole deal about "bad attention being better than none" comes to mind.

I want to commend the sheriff who has been dealing with this issue and must speak with the media. He had made it his policy not to speak the killer's name. I find that to be a wonderful thing. Too bad the media does not follow suit. They parade the name around and help fertilize the next sick mind with their crap under the excuse of "reporting the news" when  (and I am totally serious here) they finish talking with the sheriff and make a comment how he had made this policy of not giving this killer what he wants (attention) by refusing to use his name...then they refer to the killer BY NAME!

Seriously. STOP! Quit giving these people their dying wish. Stop letting them have their post-mortem moment of glory and fame. Focus on the victims, commemorate the fallen and the heroes who responded or did something amazing to save others. But WHY must the media give so much attention to the killer.

Even more interesting of a topic for you to bat around with friends; perhaps discuss why the next phase is up-ending the lives of the killer's family and seeing who (and for what reason) a heaping pile of blame can be thrown at since it is obviously somebody's fault this person turned into a nutjob. Oh, and while you discuss that, perhaps dig into why the media is now on "witch hunt" mode against this Sheriff John Hanlin. Oh yeah, since many people have applauded his actions, the media has thought it in their best interest to try and dig up dirt on this man. is time we start holding the so-called journalists accountable for their actions. Stop editorializing and just report the damn news.


  1. I read about the shooter posting about the shooting of the news crew on air and how he admired the fact that everyone knew that shooters name now. He pointed out that the new crew assailant was virtually unknown to the world until he committed his crimes. After he shot those people on live TV everyone knew his name.
    The reporters and networks are giving this awful person exactly what he wanted- to be known and recognized the world over.

  2. Sadly the public's "right to Know" has been twisted into an excuse for stupidity and lack of common sense. I don't need to know the name of the person who needlessly destroyed so many lives, just tell me he's been stopped. Shame on those who would try to rip apart a good cop who had compassion and respect for the victims and kept the focus where it should be. The victims.