Monday, October 19, 2015

Let's take a walk together.

Okay, believe it or not, I spend a lot of time at my desk. Funny thing about books...they don;t write themselves. It takes a lot of discipline to ignore the world around me and string words together that I think people will enjoy.

Because of that, I can get a bit...heavy. I try to push myself to get out there and move. I don;t hit the weights like I used to, but I know that I should. Also, I don;t run. I hate running. I have done everything poissible to trick myself into doing it, but it just never seems to work for very long. Even the "Zombie Run!" app does not keep me motivated. So, maybe you understand this sort of thing. Maybe not. 

I am inviting you to join me as a Fitbit person. They have weekly challenges that you can sign up for and everything so that you and your "FitBit Friends" can hopefully encourage each other. If you have a FitBit and are interested, then shoot me a request and join my zombie brigade of shamblers. Here is my info:

This is not an ad for the product, I don;t get anything. I just want to try and stay alive a bit longer. Being healthy will assist in that goal. If you care to join me on this...I welcome you.


  1. I've heard a lot about those Fitbits and I'm curious. Do they have any programs for people who can't run? I've got a bad knee from high school football many eons ago and can't run without it swelling up like a beach ball. Walking and riding an exercise bike work okay though.

    1. You can use it for walking and pretty much any sort of exercise that has you moving your legs. It also has a sleep monitoring cycle (my wife and I compare "charts" every so often). Not just for running, this lets you track your overall activity.