Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

There is a lot of things in the zombie genre that sort of get taken for granted. One of the biggest is the psychological toll. There is so much loss experienced, yet the stories mostly deal with survival. Tonight, we get to see a little bit of the mental damage. Rick is obviously disturbed by what happened and has spiraled into a bit of madness.

In other fronts, we get to see Andrea stray into the firm grasp of the Governor. She continues to show absolutely horrendous judgement in men. The real problem that I have with this aspect of the story line is that the Andrea character was so strong in the graphic novel. They are making this one into a weak version that falls into the sack with every bad guy she meets. First Shane, and now The Governor. It is really a shame because the genre can really benefit from strong female leads. Perhaps we will have to rely on Carol.

Merle chases Michonne and is definitely outmatched. However, when he encounters Glenn and Maggie, you can almost tell the outcome before it comes. That leads to the question...why do people always talk to the bad guys when they know damn well that he/she has nothing but bad intentions?

What remains to be seen is if those two poor suckers end up facing what Rick and Michonne endured in the graphic novel.

All this said, I guess the question that I have is this: Do we expect the story to follow the literature that it is drawn from, or is it okay when it veers way off track as The Walking Dead has done?

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  1. Great Post and applause to Kirkman for another excellent episode. I personally do not mind if the show veers off track a bit because that keeps me guessing. For instance I think it was a good idea to keep the scene about Rick going crazy like he did in the GN to show the impact of all the loss. However I don't mind when they take a different route like they often do. For example Daryl being such a strong character in the show, that has definitely impacted the story line. This season has kept me on my toes for sure.