Saturday, November 17, 2012

So what do you want to know?

I've said it in many posts, I have a comment on my author's bio that I served time, and on our company's web site, there is a disclosure statement. Perhaps the saying about "hiding in plain sight" is true. So, is this going to be some long version of my past? Nope. The bottom line is that I went to prison in 1998 for charges stemming from an accusation of something from 1990.

Here is what I won't do. I won't defend myself against anybody who wants to sling mud. People will say and do what they want, and seriously, there is not a damn thing that I can do about it. What? Did you expect me to snap? To hop in my car and start hunting people down? I don't have time for that sort of thing.

Maybe you are looking for me to spin this long and detailed response about how "I didn't do it." What point would that serve? People will make up their mind. Some have very little mind to make up.

So let's look at two possibilities. Start with the "He definitely did it." Okay. Now, if that is the case, can a person change? Can a person pay for their sins and move forward? Is it possible for a person to be redeemed. (And I am not even including any sort of spiritual transformation, I am just talking about the person's ability to make core changes.) That answer is personal for each individual.

Now let's look at "He didn't do it." Do innocent people go to jail? Is the court system perfect? You probably expect a longer case made here, but why?

Now let's consider a third possibility. "I don't know." Unless you have an eye witness account to share, you can never know anything for certain. So perhaps you take a person at face value and let them show what kind of person they really are. Nobody can wear a mask forever. Their true nature will eventually shine though...for good or bad. 

So, there it is. I will be leaving this post up for a couple of days with out a new one to bump it down the page. If you have any questions...I have always been open to them. But not here. You can email me, or I will even talk with you by phone if you want to ask a million questions and a billion follow up questions.


  1. Well, It's not really any of our business, anyway, is it? I will say that you seem to be a nice person and the accusations seem out of character, however you are right about people changing, so I have no idea and it is not my business. That said- if you are jack the ripper and don't come after me, but keep cranking out good books, I'll keep buying them. Now that that minutia is out of the way, when can we expect Snoe's next book?

  2. I dont give a toss about your past. What matters to me is I've bought & read your books, you are a very good writer. Keep doing what you're doing so we can enjoy your work & to hell with the desenters whoever they are.

    Carol x

  3. Your past is yours.. and no one elses to dig into... maybe they should look at their own perfect life first.... glass houses and all that... Your writing is why I (we) love you... you are a nice guy too! and yes stop writing daft blogs about ppl that dont matter and get on with the next Snoe installment....

  4. Hey, no judgment here. If you've tangled with the law, that only makes me think you might be interested in my novel. The main character is a gangster, and the law eventually catches up with him. No black and white morality, just a fairly realistic depiction of how things tend to play out.