Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Erik Gustafson wants to be America's Next Author

Tomorrow is big announcement day! How about a free book EVERY day in December? And if that were all...it would be pretty great, but how about a reunion 16 years in the making? Yeah, you will want to be here tomorrow.

However, today is about backing another fellow writer. So here is Erik to give you the low down...

 I am in the running for a nomination in the America’s Next Author contest.
My horror story is “My Friend, the Dark”
Lukas had a deeply rooted fear of the dark. A fear that beckons to him and seeps into his reality, forcing him to confront his anxieties. When he embraces the dark, the affection becomes mutual.
I was sitting at number 19 today.
I am already very humbled to be sitting at 19, there are hundreds of entries! I have some strong supporters out there. This Tuesday begins the final week of the nomination rounds..and I need you help more than ever.
To get started click here:
Read the story. Drop a review. Click the vote button over on the right side. Share.
You can vote every week! Don’t be shy.
Oh and a note about reviews…they are randomly pick people next week that have left reviews on 4 or more stories and awarding them with an iPad!
Thank you very much for all your support!!

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