Sunday, November 11, 2012

Season 3, Episode 5..."Is that you?"

Can we jump right to the ending? Thank you for bringing that part of the story line from the graphic novel in to play. And now back to the front...anybody else enjoy that sweet father/daughter moment when The Governor was brushing Penny's hair. For anybody who give haircuts to the little tykes for a living...I bet that isn't too far from what it seems like.

We finally get to see Michonne in all her glory! The highlight of the episode for me was when she let those walkers out of the cage and shook some rust off of her swordsmanship. To see her finally step up and make the choice to cut Andrea loose was very refreshing. Andrea has some serious issues when it comes to her choice in men. And she draws the line at a gladiator-style fight? Really? That is going too far?

Meanwhile, back in the prison, Rick has lost his mind, the baby is hungry, and Daryl chooses the best baby name since Barney on "How I Met Your Mother". I am a little disappointed in Carl, but now we get to wonder a couple of things now that this episode has come to an end. Where is Lori? And who is buried in Carol's grave?

Overall, this episode is a little of a let down after the last one, but this holds with the Kirkman formula of action versus emotion. This was obviously a set up episode. Plus, it gives us just a tiny bit more of a glimpse at how screwed up The Governor is. I imagine next week will be more edge-of-your-seat action.


  1. All I have to say is WOW... This episode definitely keeps everyone guessing. I am also glad that Michonne stepped up and got all bad ass. Andrea, well I have lost all hope for her. Rick yup sure has lost his mind. Hopefully next week we will find out who is really dead and or a Zombie and how long Rick is going to be a nut bag. All I have to say is Kirkman is amazing.

  2. Greg Nicotero (who directed the episode & does the special effects) said on the Talking Dead aftershow that walker that Rick got all stabby on was full of Lori. It was all slow and unable to respond because it had gorged itself on Lori's remains. Nicotero even mentioned how they put long black hair stuck in its teeth, which could be seen on watching the episode again.