Monday, November 5, 2012

"Superstorm" Sandy...and a heads up warning about tomorrow.

Every year, May December Publications produces an all-for-charity anthology. Last year we put out Wake the Witch. Every story was offered for not even so much as a contributor's copy. The art work, all expenses with producing the book, completely gratis. EVERY penny of profit generated is donated in a quarterly check to Red Cross. Now, if you don't want to wait, or a bunch of "witch" stories are not your thing, then just click on the link to Reed Cross. In any case, I hope that you will find it in your heart to help all those who are so desperately in need right now after the battering given by Hurricane Sandy.

For those who might be wondering, this is not a "buy my book" post. I won't see a penny from this and neither will any of the amazing authors, the cover artist...basically nobody is making a dime at this end. And this brings me to some other great anthologies. Horror for Good comes to mind. There are others, so look around. Pop in to your favorite social media hangout and pose the question. I am sure there are several out there to choose from.

So, that brings me to my closing...yep, this is a short post... Tomorrow I am going to weigh in with some very personal opinions that are political in nature. I don't talk politics or religion with friends OR strangers. Really, most people simply don't care what you believe as long as it is in line with theirs. (That was tongue-in-cheek so relax!) I am saying this now because if that is not your thing...don't visit tomorrow. I am not trying to convert anybody to my point of view, but I will be spouting some stuff that will anger at least one person. So if that person MIGHT be you...don't come to this blog tomorrow. I am very aware that what I will be saying is not popular, nor do many of my friends see things the same way. I have given you fair warning. If our connection is that tenuous that my expressions of my views could send you away forever with hard feelings...DO NOT VISIT THIS BLOG ON TUESDAY.

Now go enjoy your Monday and, if nothing else, send some positive energy to the folks hurt by Sandy. 

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  1. as your politics been naff all to me it will be interesting to read!!