Sunday, November 25, 2012

Season 3 Episode 7

If you follow the Story-sync while watching The Walking Dead, and you participate in the polls, how often do you slap your forehead and scream "WTF?!" 

Tonight opens with Glenn and Merle in a little room. Merle is asking questions and Glenn gives him a solid headbutt in the face (far more painful than displayed on the show I can assure you from experience). Maggie gets to listen as the beat down begins. The question that pops up is "Which torture is worse" One third of the people said Glenn taking the beating was worse than Maggie having to hear it. Really? Punch me in the face anytime. But don't hurt my loved ones. That would be so much worse. It just makes me wonder sometimes who is out there watching, reading, et cetera, stuff in this genre. Sometimes there is a question where you figure it is an absolute 'no brainer'. That was one of them.

The highlight for me tonight was seeing Glenn fight off a walker while taped into a chair. Glenn has been a favorite since his first line to Rick in the tank back in Atlanta. Tonight he solidified himself as equal to Daryl in the bad ass department. He might not have the rugged, bad boy look going on, but he handles his business.

The Governor is starting to really show his true colors. Andrea seems about as clueless as one person can be. And Michonne is holding true to her character. She is perhaps the most realistically portrayed person I have ever seen. She is properly shell-shocked and has come to grips with the harsh reality of what it takes to survive. She did what needed doing in that shack. Some might have a problem with her choice, but it was kill or be killed, and that guy would have been dead a few seconds after he opened that door anyway.

With one episode before the mid-season break, things are likely to get hairy in that next episode. This was a proper set up. Who will take which side in the first showdown between Rick's gang and the Governor's? Daryl, Andrea...and even Merle are up for grabs. Keep the graphic novel on the shelves because I think all bets are off.


  1. For once, I am not running a day late on The Walking Dead.

    (Don't roll your eyes too much at my comments. I've never read the graphic novels. Too busy with your books. Reading Zomblog 2 and loving Meredith. Talk about Sarah Conner. LOL)

    Last night, we got into a discussion about whether Glen or Maggie (or both) would die. I mean, they've given up the info about the prison. The Governor and his gang have no reason to keep them alive (except for leverage). I wonder if it's going to end up in a showdown scene where Rick's gang is forced to surrender in order not to see Maggie and Glen die.

    I think Andrea (because she's fickle) will go back with Rick's group. Or at least be conflicted enough to be a liability to the Governor's group.

    Merle--again, I think--has too big of a hate-on to go with Rick's group. He'll do a great deal of damage to them.

    Daryl is a wild-card. Will be interesting to see where his loyalties lie. He romanticizes his upbringing and has sort of a love-hate thing for Merle. And, for some people, family always trumps everything else.

    And that is my blathering for today. ;-)

  2. I am hoping that Daryl realizes that his brother is a monster and stays loyal to team prison. The Gov'ner is definitely starting to show his colors and I think this next episode he is going to be a Monster like he is in the books. The worst fear is what am I going to do with myself during the break hmph