Friday, November 16, 2012

The DEAD are getting closer...are you ready?

One month from today the fifth book in the DEAD series will be released. Yep, Dead: Siege & Survival will be available. However, right now is when I get that pre-release jittery feeling. It is funny, but I feel more pressure with each subsequent release. Why? Because of the readers. This has become your world. I have said it before, but it merits repeating...many of you know these characters better than I do.

When I set out to write this series, I just felt that the 'zombie' genre could be more than just people getting eaten. I wanted it to be about the people. Some readers have really gotten into the concept. Of course then there are the ones who complain about 'too many characters' or that 'the story is bleak' or my favorite, 'all men in this post-apocalyptic era must hate women.'

People fixate on things that I would have never considered. But the biggest issues have stemmed from the three rotating chapters format that I chose (and will continue with to the end)...and Garrett. For many of you that have read the series and communicated with me on either or both of those topics, we have had some interesting conversations. But I wanted to talk about that second issue here.

Garrett served a purpose. He went someplace most people avoid because it is uncomfortable. However, his purpose was missed by many, and that is what happens when a writer gets an idea that he (or she) thinks will make perfect sense. Garrett was there to show how strong a person can be when faced with the most horrific scenario possible. I wrote Garrett to show the strength of Kirsten.

We live in a world where we see things on the news, and as long as they don't affect us, they are just stories. A funny thing happens when we read a book. We form a relationship with the characters. Garrett was vile without any help. And I based him on somebody that I met. As hard as that may be for some, I met a real person who thought much like Garrett. I created Kirsten to take away some of his power. I knew from the beginning how that vignette would end. That is one of the few times where I had a predestined ending for somebody.

I don't know if the DEAD series will ever hit serious numbers in sales and be a "commercial" success. I don't think it will ever be sniffed out by movie or television types. It just has too much going on. But I didn't write it for that. I write that series because I love it. I enjoy seeing where it will go. I have said a few times that there is only one character in that whole book who is absolutely safe. And no, I've never said who, nor will I.

I wish time would hurry up so I can find out what those of you who have read the series think of the newest installment.


  1. I can barely wait for the next installment and think I may have to reread the last books to refresh my memory, plus I miss those early days of mayhem!!

  2. I'm doing a happy dance. I am so ready for the next Dead. In celebration, I am going to take several days off and just read Siege & Survival. I think. I hope.

    Thanks for sharing your purpose in creating Garrett and Kirsten. I got very into that vignette. I wanted Kirsten to do something evil to Garrett. (I'm that kind of girl.) I was so glad to see her triumph in the end.

    I do want you to guest at my blog and talk about the process of creating Garrett. Or perhaps just talk about the person you met who was like Garrett and how an author can use real people to create characters.

    Hope you have a good weekend.