Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4...ARE YOU SERIOUS?

If last week seemed just a bit tame, this episode more than made up for it. This reminds me a lot of the graphic novel series in that you will get an "episode" that just seems to lag, but then Kirkman hits you right in the gut. This series has strayed well off of the graphic novel. There is something great about that for the fans who read the series. We get to be surprised. 

This one bounces back and forth between Woodbury and the prison. It starts with somebody pulling some subtle sabotage. You are pretty sure that you know who it is, and it is no surprise when the culprit is revealed later in the episode. What is surprising is the death of not one, but two major characters. Both go out in grand fashion, T-Dog saves (we think) Carol, and Lori has a backyard C-Section with a buck knife insisting that her baby "needs" to be born "for everybody". As usual, she misses the boat. The last thing a group needs while trying to survive is a baby with no mother. Last I checked, there aren't any bottles or baby formula on the prison shelves. I get the whole "motherly instinct" thing...but she was never very adept as a parent. Now, the group is strapped with a child and no current source of food.

I was sad to see T-Dog go, but he went out with honor. He was finally starting to develop as a character, so I guess we should have suspected something was up. 

Meanwhile, in Woodbury, Andrea is so far off from the character that is in the GN, but she seems to be the poster girl for women who make bad choices in men. She seems to be drinking the Governor's Kool-Aid. Thank goodness for Michonne, who is becoming the female counterpart to Daryl.

Speaking of Daryl, his brother Merle, who seemed to be a bit of a toadie for the Governor, may be about ready to jump ship. He has that "family first" creed and wants to search for his brother now that he has an area to look--thanks to more confusing Andrea action--but the Governor is not very supportive. I really liked the facial tic...wonder if that will come into play later. There is one little treat that I think they are going to keep from the GN. He does mention that it is just him "and his daughter" during a conversation with Andrea. I hope that means what I think!

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  1. It definitely was a action packed episode and I was sad to see T-Dog go. It will be interesting to see how Rick manages to "lead" the group when he is emotionally distraught from the loss of Lori and the birth of his daughter. I think you are right about the Governors statement about his daughter :) Yippee can't wait to see how this unfolds.