Thursday, November 29, 2012

A HUGE giveaway for December.

No surpise, but since we are May December Publications....we have our biggest promotions in those months. It is also why the DEAD books come out in those months. DEAD books release on my daughter Ronni's birthday in December and my son Cody's birthday in May. The thing is, Alex (who was born on the 13th of December) has not been included in this, so I think that I will start having a short novella ready, or perhaps my Ava or Dakota books on that day. But I digress...

In December, we are giving away a different book each day ALL month long. And here is the schedule:

December 1--A Clockwork Orchard: Rivets & Rain (our steampunk anthology)
December 2--Chivalry is Dead (all male writers for a zombie anthology)
December 3--Cryptic (by DA Chaney)
December 4--Eyewitness Zombie (first person account zombie tales)
December 5--First Time Dead 1 (our anthology of all newbies at the time of release)
December 6--Hell Hath No Fury (The all-female anthology and counterpart to Chivalry)
December 7--In The Arms Of Nightmares (by Robert Dean)
December 9--Fervor (by Chantal Boudreau)
December 10--Fresh Blood (New names to the horror crowd try their hand)
December 11--Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales Volume 1 (by TW Brown Grimm takes with a zombie twist)
December 12--Magic University (by Chantal Boudreau)
December 13--Spiders (the creepiest anthology I have ever edited)
December 14--First Time Dead 3
December 15--Dead: The Ugly Beginning (To mark the release of book 5...try book 1!)
December 16--The Boogeymann (by Bennie Newsome)
December 17--The Exoterrestrials (by TW Brown)
December 18--Elevation (by Chantal Boudreau and the second book in the Fervor series)
December 19--Midnight Movie Creature Feature (a collection of the creepy and the quirky)
December 20--The Book of Joseph (by Erik Rise)
December 21--Four in the Hole (zombies and vampires in novella form)
December 22--Zero (an anthology about the FIRST person infected)
December 23--That Ghoul Ava (by TW Brown, a horror/comedy)
December 24--Wake The Witch (a witch themed anthology-ALL proceeds from SALES go to Red Cross)
December 25--Dakota (by Todd Brown)
December 26--Dead: Steve's Story (the Steve story line from the first three DEAD books with bonus material)
December 27--Dead: Vignettes (the Vignette story line from the first three DEAD books with bonus material)
December 28--Dead: the Geeks (the Geek story line from the first three DEAD books with bonus material)
December 29--Goddesses of Lilith (by Tracy Ford)
December 30--Elena (by Duncan Lloyd )
December 31--Zomblog (by TW Brown)

So, get those Kindle's warmed up...clear out some space because we have something for everybody. Tell your friends. Share this blog with your reading groups. And if you are part of a book club, then just give me a holler if you would like to arrange to have either me or one of these talented authors available to you for a post reading Q & A.

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