Monday, July 2, 2012

WHITESPACE: Episode 1 Review

WhiteSpace: Episode 1WhiteSpace: Episode 1 by Sean Platt
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So much of what I read comes from people seeking reviews. Some of it comes from folks that I have built casual relationships with via various social networks. A few are books that I get just to shut the author up. (A practice I have now cast aside...I learned how to ignore loudmouths this past year.)

As a writer as well as a reviewer, I have my own books out there. I am in KDP and enjoy seeing my own stuff climb the charts on their free promo days. What does any of this have to do with Sean Platt and David Wright's WhiteSpace: Episode 1? I have seen their titles (the Yesterday's Gone series)time and again. The funny thing is that I HAVE NOT seen them plastering every social media site with "Buy our book" spam. On a whim, I grabbed this book for my Kindle. Every so often, I make time to ignore the review requests and just read something for myself. This book was a gem!

The story has a real unique feel. I can see this story gracing AMC a la "The Killing" in the future. The opening scene could be any classroom in America. When things go terribly wrong for the charcaters involved, this story has a chance to be generic. Instead, it peels away layer after layer like an onion. Things are not as they seem on this island town located in Washington State. The central characters are introduced splendidly and you get a chance to meet each of them while being fed more tasty morsels of story along the way.

I have seen these books pass by day after day. I decided to give one a shot on a whim. I feel like I have tasted chocolate for the first time and am now sitting here wondering what the hell took me so long?

To add fuel to my fired desire to read more of their work, they are kind (and savvy enough) to include some wonderful samples at the end of episode one.

I can not say enough good things about Platt and Wright. So I will simply tell you to grab this episode and see for yourself.

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  1. Thank you, Todd. We appreciate the kind words and the review (here & at Amazon). Interestingly, one of our readers commented to me today on Facebook, asking if I'd read Zomblog and she thought I'd like it.

    Glad you liked WhiteSpace - The Killing was very much in mind (and its soundtrack on a loop, along with the soundtrack to Drive) while I wrote my parts.

    Thanks for the compliments on the social media aspect, too. Truth is, between writing an episode a week, the self publishing podcast we do, and hanging out with readers on Facebook, we don't generally have time to do much more social media-wise, though I really need to write more on the blogs we have.

    Thank you again, I appreciate you taking the time to read and mention us.