Monday, July 9, 2012

We interrupt this program...

I want to take a day away from my series of posts about I have a very good reason. I want to turn the spotlight over to my friend Nickie Storey-Bailey. I don't want this being piggybacked on anything else. It deserves your full attention. I will return tomorrow. So, without further delay...

Making a Difference for Kids with Autism

When my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, I was devastated and lost.  I had no idea who to turn to for help.  Thankfully, a dear friend advised me to go on the web and search for autism support sites.  I did, and found many parents treading the same turbulent waters.  I was no longer alone.

It is charities such as The GreaterGood Network at The Autism Site that help parents to believe their children can do more, be more, than the doctors dictate.  This charity helps to fund therapy for children with autism: Speech, Sensory Integration, Cognitive/Behavioral, Diet, and so many more.

For the month of July, a percentage of the sales from my books will be donated to The GreaterGood Network to help provide autistic children with the help they need to thrive.  I would love it if you could give just a few dollars and download an eBook or perhaps buy a paperback.  Together, we can make a difference for children with autism!  Thank you so very much!

The GreaterGood Network:

Check out Nicole Storey's books and do something nice while being entertained:


  1. My son was diagnosed with autism at three as well. We had suspected it for months and had already gone through the process of researching support groups, standard treatments, alternative treatments, had taken him to a speech therapist and had read everything about autism we could get our hands on. We've been fortunate in that he has responded well to the things we have tried, but there are big cracks in the system and he has slipped through more than one during his 7 year life. We've made a point of supporting our Provincial Autism Society and donating when we can. I think our main hurdle now is to get people to understand that even though he thinks differently and has difficulty communicating, he still has a lot to offer. Kudos to you for supporting this special cause.

  2. Todd, Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about the promotion! You're a wonderful friend and writer and I am honored to be a guest on your blog!
    Chantellyb, don't give up! My son is almost fifteen now and he is doing much better. Thanks so much!

  3. I am happy to be able to do what I can. Both of you ladies are exceptional and face a challenge that many of us can not comprehend. I am proud to call you both my friend.