Friday, July 27, 2012

Occupation by Jeff Dawson

OccupationOccupation by Jeff Dawson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Full disclosure, I received a copy of this book from the author for purposes of review. The matching tee shirt was (is) fantastic. However, the understanding was that I would write an unbiased and honest review. I will get to the really good stuff first. Finally, a vampire story that isn't chock full of "pretty boys" and "beautiful people" all fawning over each other. THIS was a good old "Vampires are evil" story. Toss in Nazis and you don't know which villain to hate more. (I chose Nazis because they were real and very evil.) There is a fantastic dynamic between the "clans" as well as factions within the clans. These were power hungry, heartless monsters. Thank you Mr. Dawson for giving me classic evil.

There is some nice smattering of history in the story and it is woven nicely, although at times it gets a bit "textbook" and can slow the pace of an otherwise entertaining story. There are moments when Mr. Dawson seems to stop telling the story to clarify points that the engaged reader will either know, assume, or (in matters of history) look into on their own if interested.

Now, I have to bring up the editing. It is pretty good. The glaring weakness came in the dialogue. There are some problems. As this is one of my pet peeves, I can not over look it and it is a fairly consistent set of the same errors made throughout.

Based on the story, I would give Occupation 4 stars, the editing gets about a 3.

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