Monday, September 17, 2012

Time for some payback!

Have I told you all how amazing you are? Well it is true. I base this on the amount of support I have received from so many of you these past few months. As many of you recall, I was involved in NaNoWriMo in August. I used that time to take a big bite out of the next book in the DEAD series. I hinted at the fact that I could win a very cool prize if Ii raised the most during that month long period. Well...guess what? We did it! The money you all contributed helped me become the grand prize winner of a NEO Word Processor. True to my word, I will be placing all the names of you wonderful donors in a hat and drawing a winner. That person will be notified and asked to do one final chore before receiving the big prize. All I ask is that the winner prepare a little statement and attach a picture so that I can make the big announcement here.

As an added bonus, I want to announce that in all the hoopla of the past few days, I have not yet named the "companion" that will be immortalized and featured as a character in the 5th Zomblog book. As book 4, Zomblog: Snoe is set for release on Halloween of 2012 (with a book signing and pre-release launch event on October 27th, from noon to 4pm at Laurie's Paperback Exchange), I will be diving into write the next part in a couple of months. So, would you like to see your name in print as a character in the post-apocalyptic world of Zomblog? Then all I need is your comment here and you will be included in the drawing.

And now...a few notes and a question to send you on your way. First, I am very excited to announce that my story, The Exoterrestrials will be available on October 1st to kick off the Halloween season. It is something a bit different for those of you who are readers of my zombie titles. I hope you will give it a peek. Also, this past Friday saw the debut of Vinnie DeSporto. (He thinks he sounds like Joe Pesci, but I think he sounds more like Pesto, the cartoon pigeon from the Goodfeathers--part of The Animaniacs.) So, by a vote of any who care to do so...does Vinnie stay, or does he go? 

And don't forget the big giveaway on September 18th...lots of free books by...ME! That is how I will celebrate my 47th giving you stuff! Later this week, Lyra McKen and Ey Wade!


  1. Sweet! You are on a roll, my friend! Keep it going! And the next book, "Zomblog: The Mando Chronicles" has a ring to it, no?

    I like Vinnie, even though he's from Queens.

    Armand Rosamilia

  2. hahaha... love Vinnie... although I do picture him from the biscuit adverts (hope you have them over there!).
    OOOH so excited about the new novel; Exoterrestrials! sounds exciting.
    Well done you and all of us on making you the top fund raiser, especially the lovely person who matched us all dollar for dollar!
    cant wait to see what the next Dead brings.... and yes the Mando Chronicles does have a certain ring to it! lmao

  3. Me me me!

    Dude, you are awesome. I am looking forward to your next one!

  4. The new story looks cool, and definitely something different for you. And a big congrats on the award, Todd! :)

  5. Congrats, Todd! I say keep poor 'ol Vinnie. He needs somewhere like this to pour out his heart. lol

    Seriously though, you're doing an awesome man. I really enjoy reading your posts on here and your writing. Keep up the great job!