Friday, September 14, 2012

Steppin' on toes from the Rose City...

(The views and opinions of Vinnie DeSporto do not necessarily reflect those of TW Brown. Any advice he gives on subjects such as his "Pick of the Week" are not to be taken as entertainment value and no promises to their validity are made or implied.)

Yo, Vinnie DeSporto here, so listen up. Many of youse people are probably the artsy type, so I imagine your delicate sensibilities are probably not going to get where I'm comin' from. I know that I used to get Todd in a bunch of trouble back in his radio days with some of the stuff I would say...and this is even better because now that stupid FCC ain't got a thing they can do if some of my more colorful language just happens to slip out. You readin' types tend to do more bitchin' about Fox News and comparing notes on whatever defenseless forest creature needs to be saved instead of payin' attention to what is really important. Sports.

"But Vinnie!" I hear you whine as you sip from a your decaf soy latte with extra foam, "Don't you care about the election? Don't you care about how we will pass on a ruined planet to our children?" In a word...NO. First off, if you think votin' for the president is gonna make a difference in this country, then let me be the first to wake you from dream land. YOU are voting for a politician. Elephant or Jackass...they are still going to lie to your face and make more promises than I did to my prom date about how much they care about "You...the little people." So, maybe you can pass the word to some of your more normal friends that Vinnie will be here every Friday (so far...I sent my old pal The Gooch over to "negotiate" with Mr. Brown about perhaps making me a Wednesday & Friday feature. Besides, what else is he gonna do? Talk about books? I realize that at this moment you can not be here with me, but let me assure you that I am drying real tears from my eyes as I can not stop laughing.)

So, let's talk about something dear to my heart...Football. Good to know that team with the stupid bird name up in Seattle is still as miserable on the field as that city's weather. By the way, in case you're new, I hate bird names on teams. The only sport deserving of stupid bird names is that weenie sport, baseball. Really...a bunch of grown men standing around in a field while they scratch their crotch and spit? And people watch it on television? 

This week, Vinnie called his friendly neighborhood bookie...err, I mean Sporting Event Outcome Transaction Consultant and asked him to accept a piece of paper with the picture of Ben Franklin, the man who gave us electricity. In exchange, I assured him that when Peyton Manning gets his butt handed to him by a stupid bird named team from Atlanta, he could hand me TWO pieces of paper with Mr. Franklin's picture. For those of you playing at home, take Atlanta...who cares about a measly 3 point spread. That is my pick of the week.

So, I guess that is all for now. Until next week...Steppin' on toes from the Rose City, I'm Vinnie DeSporto, in your face.

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