Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Birthday and Zombified by Lyra McKen

So, today I am 47. Wowzers! So today is a party! So, what is a party without party favors? To that end, I am tossing a whole stack of my books out to you. Simply click on the titles (here or on the carousels on the left of the page) and they should take you directly to Amazon where they are free for the day. For the first time, all three of the Zomblog titles are being offered up! Zomblog, Zomblog II, and Zomblog: The Final Entry. (Get busy, book 4, Zomblog: Snoe releases on Halloween.) Dead: The Ugly Beginning, Dead: Revelations, (Book 5, Dead: Siege & Survival is due this December.) Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales Vol. 1, (my own take on the first 20+ Grimm tales), That Ghoul Ava: Her First Adventures ( a little laughter with your horror is always good, plus, I am testing the waters for series potential here). And finally, my non-horror offering, Dakota. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, I will be turning things over to another talented author that you should check out. I want to lead into that with today's little review of her book, Zombified.

I received a review copy from the publisher, but those of you who have read my other reviews know that I don't allow that to cloud my opinion. In fact, I often ask the person submitting a book to me if they are certain they are ready for my review because I don't mince words. 

That said, Zombified is a clever and fun twist on the zombie tale. It is told from the perspective of a high school girl at the onset of the ZA. What makes this just a bit different from the norm is that some individuals who are bitten seem to hang on to their humanity a bit longer than others. They are aware of what they are, and more frightening, what they are destined to become. Cassie, the central character is one of those who gets bitten early on and does not turn right away. It is a fun and entertaining story with its moments of action interspersed with the sometimes cynical, sometimes witty, and often amusing observations of a teen aged girl.

The story is suitable for younger readers but is not what I would consider YA. The book is fairly clean in the editing department, a few errors, but nothing that drew me out of the story or broke the flow too much. The only one that really had me stop was a "what" that should have been a "that". Still, a clean read and an enjoyable one. It is not too lengthy and you should be able to wander around this entertaining landscape for a few days. Overall, I have to give the book a solid 3.5 stars, but have rounded up just like I learned in math class.


  1. Happy Birthday, Todd! I hope it's awesome and that you have a very successful year. Thanks for all the great reads. :-)

  2. Thank you for having me! I will be searching the book for the what now. Thank you for the great review!!