Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jerry McKinney returns!

And today is just a bit more  Jerry W. McKinney . I shall return soon.

I am originally from Libertyville, Illinois, but I currently live in Central Florida.  I am married and we have an amazing 13 year old son.  As a “day” job, I am currently a truck driver for a local dairy.   I am proud to say that I have been a member of Mensa for the last 8 years.  I have held different jobs in the past, foreman for a construction crew, lead singer for a local cover band, and assistant manager for Wal-Mart, but nothing compares to seeing my writing in print.

I started my writing career about the beginning of 2010.  It all started with an idea.  I sat down at my computer and wrote a really short story, about 1700 words.  It was full of mistakes and grammatical errors, but it was good!  I posted it on a website and started getting great comments on it.  It was the original of my story, Feed.  Then, one day, while on Facebook, I was chatting on a horror story website and a lady named Laura Ehlers helped take me to the next step and introduced me to Key Publications group.  It was a place where writers help writers.  I met a lot of very talented people there, which to this day, are still very good friends.  They also publish my work for the first time.  I did two anthologies with them, but sadly they have dispersed and the books are now out of print.

I am currently working on my collection of short stories.  I want to get this out before starting my next endeavor.  One of the stories I am working on is a play on words, ICU, where the main character works in a hospital where he sees a serial killer torturing his victims.

At this point, I have written 13 stories and been part of 3 anthologies.  I am always working on my next idea for a story and am going to venture into writing a full length novel. I have decided the novel will be based upon a character from Feed. People seem to want to know more about her, so I’m obliged to make something up!

As for hobbies, I would love to say I engage in some extreme sport or something, but the truth is, I spend as much of my free time writing as I can.  I truly enjoy the process of creating.  My writing is my passion.

Thanks to Jerry for stepping in and spending some time. Tomorrow, I will be welcoming Rick Schiver. I am continually amazed at how fortunate I am to have the acquaintance of so many talented individuals.


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  2. I just want to thank Todd for letting me spend a couple days on his blog. The collection of shorts is out and is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.
    Nightsound, Terrors of the soul collection.

  3. Great way to top off yesterday's article. I enjoy learning about other indie authors and how they make their writing work with their work/personal lives. thank you Jerry for sharing your insights and background.

  4. Great feature Todd! Jerry is a fantastic horror writer and one not to be missed!