Friday, August 9, 2013

When the dead walk the is time to RUN!

So, I have had a few things derail my workouts (like candied bacon). However, I am not a quitter. So, when Denise sent me a few links with some upcoming 5K runs...anybody who knows my disdain for all things jogging related might expect I trashed them on the spot. Nope...that is why I started training for an event called The Warrior Dash.

This is the obstacle course from hell...which actually makes running...(small gag) fun. Now, the problem is that, while I CAN run...I choose not to do so. I will walk for hours...but running? Uh-uh. However, if you throw in fire, mud and barbed wire...I am so there!

This is something that I can get into. It satisfies my need to not be bored. And I am sorry...but running is boring. And if you think it is a time to get out and clear your head? A lobotomy does the same thing with out making you all sweaty and tired.

So, I needed to start getting ready to run. Enter the Zombies, Run! app. This app actually works you up to running a 5K in a way that is reasonable and NOT boring.

It stair steps you up to being able to run. And not only that, but tells a story as you go. And once that bug has bitten will be ready to take full advantage of their other app. This is a running app that you can set for a half hour or an hour long run. It even gives you the option of mixing in "zombie chases" where you have to pour on a burst of speed until you evade the approaching mob that wants to eat your face.

The 'fun' part about the normal app, Zombies, Run (and now there is even a sequel aptly titled Zombies, Run2 is that you gather stuff for your base and can actual build it up with the supplies that you acquire.

I still prefer weightlifting. (I want to get my bench back up to 300# one more time...just to say I hit it in my 40s.) However, I now have something that makes running not totally suck. I will keep you posted on my progress. 


  1. That sounds awesome Todd. I too loathe running. Although I could easily do 90 mins on the cross trainer. Well... back when I was in shape. I loved weight training and before the kids was in the gym twice a day 6 days a week. Now for the last 6 years I have done s good as nothing. Just annoying gyms are so expensive. I would buy some free weights for home, but they too seem rather pricey. The initial outlay at least. I am tipping the scales at 120kg now and need to get it back down. Dieting doesn't work for me. I can do it, but never loose much weight. I need the exercise too. Well done for doing an event like the Warrior run and things.

    What platform is the zombie run for?

    1. I have android, but I think it was out for the iPhone first. And it is pretty cheap. For somebody who hates running...this is a great tool.

  2. I only have a crappy blackberry from my work. I can't afford a phone of my own lol. I miss working out.

  3. not sure I actually CAN run anymore, although I have the calves to prove I was once cross country champion! Chips, chocolate and bad relationships later and I really need to get my butt in the saddle, so will look this up!

  4. For the Android I found two apps: Zombies, Run! 5K Training for $1.99 & Zombies, Run! for $3.99