Monday, August 26, 2013

Good things...

After you have checked out stuff here, go see what my friend Claire Riley has going on. She has a big event planned that starts on Wednesday. So head over and find out how you can get TONS OF FREE STUFF!!!

The Horror Thriller Event link.

I think I had something planned...but I forgot what it was somewhere along the line. I was going to put some people on blast...really give my "two cents" on things. Only, somewhere along the way, this weekend, I just got into a really laid back and peaceful mood. So now, I just want to share a little "Top 10" list of simple things that make me happy.

I won't bother putting them in order, because that order could change in the blink of an eye.

So, here they are:
  1. Buffalo Wing flavored Tabasco Sauce,
  2. Seeing a new review for one of my books.
  3. An out-of-the-blue message from my daughter.
  4. Sunday mornings with my wife...just relaxing and being together.
  5. Another KISS or zombie themed toy or trinket for my office.
  6. An email from a total stranger who just found my books and really enjoyed them.
  7. Finishing an editing project.
  8. A hug from Aoife, my Border Collie. (Seriously, she gives hugs. If you ask for one, she ducks her head under your chin and cuddles in real close...yep, it is amazingly cute.)
  9. Opening Day of the NFL season. (Yes, I love the whole season, but Opening Day is like Christmas and New Year's Day all rolled in to one for me.)
  10. A 1970s-era VW Bus. (That is my "dream" car and I hope to have one soon!)
So, there it is. Just a few things that make me smile. Join me Wednesday for my Short Attention Span Theater, and stay tuned for  my upcoming take on the audio book this Friday.


  1. Sometimes focusing on the happy things keeps me from driving myself nuts.

    Aoife sounds incredibly cute.

    1. True. And she is amazingly cute. She is very tuned in to me and always seems to know when I need her attention.

  2. Nowhere on your list did I see a full sized R2-D2

    1. That goes on my Top Ten WISH list. SO hurry up and hit the jackpot...(or I will). We do have that "special arrangement" to look forward to.

  3. My property backs up to a small farm that occasionally looks like a VW Bus museum. The guy who owns the "farm" has converted his barn to a repair shop where he restores and repairs them. Some of them have the accordian tops and sides that raise up and convert the vehicle to a camper. I'll be sure to get some pics the next time he has a hippie party.
    If you get the life-sized R2D2, be sure to get the original actor they put inside it. It shouldn't cost that much more...