Monday, August 12, 2013

Some very cool covers...revealed.

As many of you know, the ZOMBLOG series is landing on The first two are up, the third one is under final review by ACX and the first of the three part story arc for Snoe is due to be finished any day. All of that is great. Also, I am waiting any day now for the first full-length Ava to become officially available.

Coming soon, I will be sharing a new series of reviews as I delve into audio books. I figure that they are the next logical step. My favorite time to listen is when I am cleaning house or preparing dinner. I also enjoy it when I am walking the dogs.

However, I just got the last of my covers for the Audible version of the DEAD series. I am over the moon!

So, here they are; starting with DEAD: The Ugly Beginning.

Book 1 of the DEAD series.
Next up is DEAD: Revelations.

Book 2 of the DEAD series.

Book 3 of the DEAD series.

That wrapped the first three book story arc. And then it was on to the second, leading off with DEAD: Winter.

Book 4 of the DEAD series.

Things get a bit darker with DEAD: Siege & Survival.

Book 5 of the DEAD series.

And that brings us up to date (until September anyways) with DEAD: Confrontation.

Book 6 of the DEAD series.

These are in final production stages and the talented Erik Bryon is hard at work to ensure they sound their best. Stay tuned for the release dates and be sure to check in (and like if you have not done so already) my Author TW Brown page on Facebook where you will find the only place that I will be giving away free versions of the Audible books as they become available!


  1. firstly please can you get a Pinterest share button!
    Love all the covers except no.2 which reminds me of Eliza, but also think (if being blunt) that your "old" covers were just fine! am curious do the spines have a continuous pic theme? so if you line them all up they also make a picture?
    Always love your reviews.

    1. I keep trying to get the pintrest thingy to work but don't seem to have any luck. Any step-by-step tutorials you can offer?

      And actually, my graphic novel series that will be coming early 2014 (Vampyrates) will have exactly what you are talking about if all goes well.

  2. Hello, It seems like your DEAD series is something I would really enjoy, but I do not have time to read so I listen to audiobooks, only the first two books of your Dead series are on Audible, do you know when/if the remaining of the audiobooks will be published

    1. Book 3 is actually deep into production right now and they hope to be caught up to me by this summer as I release book 9. I hope that helps.