Thursday, August 29, 2013

Short Attention Span Theater RETURNS!

Okay, so I am a day late...I don't have any good excuses, but I will say that my 5K training took a lot out of me yesterday. Also, I am wrapping up an editing project (the largest to date) and I just got really focused on that task.

I have cool stuff tomorrow, so don't miss it. But, here is today's installment of Short Attention Span Theater (which is a blatant ripoff of +Gregory Carrico 's 30 minute reader blog feature).

First, a question to my authors, Nicole Storey, Wesley Clark, and James Cook:

What is the one thing you feel is the most misunderstood by your friends and acquaintances about your being a writer?

And now, in no particular order...

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So, the bad stuff is in full swing now. One of the things that makes this book fun is that, there really are some people out there who are preparing for this stuff. There is even a series about it on Nat Geo or Discovery. And even if they are not actually preparing for "zombies" per se, they are preparing for some type of "Armageddon Event". You can call them crazy, but you will be knocking on the door of their compound IF such an event does take place. So, for those of you who are reading along, if you have made it to about the 30% marker, you now have a good idea of the stories two central characters. Now, we see where James takes us. I have a feeling it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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Okay, we are still meeting people as we enter our second 30 minute session of reading. The strength of this book rests in the fact that it gets you involved as the zombies first show up. There is no wide spread panic yet. So you get to endure the disbelief of the characters. There is a real NotLD (Night of the Living Dead) feeling that pervades throughout this book so far. What I enjoy most is the fact that you get to actually meet the main characters BEFORE all hell breaks loose. If the series continues with some or all of these people, it will be interesting to see how they change due to their circumstance.

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Okay, some confessions here before I begin. I have read Ms. Storey's other series. It is YA and very touching if you know anything about her as a person. (Which I can say with pride that I have been allowed such access--my being able to contribute to The Gage Project is still a source of pride for me.)  That said, when I dove into this, I sort of expected something along that line. I could not have been more wrong or PLEASANTLY surprised. Storey has created something here that I am still trying to decide which way I think it will go. And I am looking forward to the ride. Just a note to the can really paint a gruesome picture and should try your hand at some serious HORROR. In a world where angels visit humans and monsters are real...I am eager to get to the meat of the story.

And there you have it. Return next week. Also, pose a question for the authors here if you want...hopefully they will pop in and respond (no promises).

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  1. Hi Todd! Thanks so much for featuring me today! As for your question, I think the most misunderstood perceptions about me being a writer is that some think it is not a 'real' job, but a nice hobby that I dabble at. I am not taken seriously and have no family support to speak of. I really wish others could see this as I do and understand that just because I am not bringing home six figures a week does not mean writing is not a job.

    1. Nickie,

      You are certainly welcome. I am very much enjoying your "Blind Sight" story. You have some very well-painted scenes early on and I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

      And as for all the rest, I do understand. I fought that same thing years back. And if I had not been nudged by a couple of people later on, I would not be living the dream I am now, so stick with it.

  2. Another great SAST, Todd. I'm glad you featured Nicole. I've seen her name titles and have been interested in reading her work, but the YA label has kept me from pushing the button. Not that there aren't some great YA titles out there, they just aren't a priority on my TBR list. I'll definitely bump Ms. Storey's titles up to the top now.

    And Nicole, (if I may), I totally feel you on the "writing alone" front. I have to remind myself that a professional attitude towards this business coupled with a love of and passion for our art will come out in our work and bring us the success we're working so hard to achieve. It can be incredibly tough keeping it up when there's no one to offer an opinion, or share in our small successes, or offer succor at our failures. I crack down and work even harder, living in a future moment when those who dismissed me are telling the "I knew him when..." stories.
    Best of luck to you!

    1. Greg, I would absolutely recommend "Blind Sight". It does not read as YA, and I must admit, I did not even look to see if that was what it was classified as, but the story is tight and the way Nickie paints a word picture is very vivid. I am banging my drum to get her to step into the horror realm. I know she has the chops for it.

      And yep, I too am living in that future moment. Knowing that it will get here someday.

  3. Thanks Todd! I appreciate being featured on your blog. You do pose an interesting question. The one thing that sticks out, as the biggest misconception, is the amount of time most people assume it takes to "create" a novel (from start to finish). I have to admit that I had no idea how long the process actually was. The writing, the re-writing, the writing again. The scrapping an entire chapter after you make changes. The reading over and editing and changing the manuscript for the 100th time. It is a seriously exhausting and time consuming process. By the time I finished with the first book of The Extinction Diaries, I don't think I could have read it again. Most people assume you can crank out a book in a month.

    Two other quick things.
    1) My biggest misunderstanding was the amount of positive support my friends and family offered me. It has truly been eye opening. I am grateful for all of the support.

    2) Editing. Editing. Editing. If anyone ever thinks they can put out a book without an editor, well they are wrong. 100% wrong. A good editor makes me think of a birthday cake. Are you going to be more likely to eat a piece of cake that has frosting all over the place and looks terrible or the one that is decorated with pretty flowers and looks amazing?

    Thanks again for featuring my book!