Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time to share some love with my fellow writers.

Okay, today marks a new chapter in my Short Attention Span Theater feature. Yes, it will appear here on Wednesdays. And YES, I am committing myself to being more on the ball. (Less Xbox 360 and more reading!) But, I am going to TRY to make this a more interactive feature. "How?" you might ask. (Although probably not, I am simply trying to lead you to my point.)

The secret is interactivity! Now, silence your amazed gasps. Here is what I am doing... First, I will be tagging each author that I am going to be reading. For instance, coming up starting next week, I will be giving you a snapshot review-in-progress of No Easy Hope-Surviving the Dead by James Cook, Blind Sight (Book One of the Celadon Circle) by Nicole Storey, and The Extinction Diaries: Provenance (Book 1) by Wesley Clark.

What I am hoping for is that I will "tag" the authors each week while they are being featured. I will pose a simple question, and hope that they will stop in and respond. Also, I am hoping that they will steer their fan base this direction with teasers of how questions can be asked each week. 

So, in short, I am shooting for an online version of a book club. Pick one or pick all, but come back each week and share your own observations. And once it is all done and that title has been read in its entirety, I will clip all my snippets together and form a review for the book(s) in question. AND, I will invite all of you who have participated to join in and post reviews as well.

So, I do hope that some of you will join in. After all, we are a community of READERS and many of us are writers. Let's support the scene.

Mark Wednesdays on your calendars...and pick one (or all) of those books. It is only 30 minutes a WEEK. Don't tell me you don't have that much time.


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    1. ;-)

      Also...just a head's up, I will be sending you the new DEAD for beta reading in about a week. Then I will be tinkering with that little idea for a story that you shared with me.

  2. Sounds like fun. Reporting for duty!

  3. I have read No Easy Hope. Great book. Highly recommended.

    Blind Sight seems interesting and I'll start reading it this week.

    If anyone has any questions about The Extinction Diaries just let me know!

    1. Wesley, I will be posting an open question for you to comment on (or not) each week that your book is being featured. Also, invite your readers and FB pals to pop in and pose questions for you or the other authors.