Friday, August 16, 2013

My TBR list is becoming larger than a T-Rex...

...and almost as grumpy.

Before I go too far, look to the right and notice that I am trying to help a very worthy cause. I am trying to get some support for the St. Jude's children's hospital and cancer research. I will post many pictures after the Warrior Dash on September 7th. Any who ask will receive a signed version of the picture of your choice. Me...muddy...that is not something you see every day. So Click HERE to help. Or over there on that big GIVE NOW botton.

I have let it slide again. I really do mean well. I start reading on those down moments (as few as they may be) and then it happens: Life, the world, and everything in it. I LOVE to read, and I am partway in to several very good stories...but my nature is such that the moment I try to do something to just clear my head, I get this feeling like I am letting my responsibilities slide.

I have running reviews on a handful of titles going for my Short Attention Span Theater feature. How do I expect you all to hook up with that if I don't do it on the regular? I need to be consistent. And I want to make a promise that I am going to be from here on out...but I hate making a promise that I know will be broken. So, what I am going to do is commit myself to making a bigger effort.

After all, how do I expect people to make time for MY books if I can't do the same for others? Sure, I need to practice my guitar, get in my 5K training, hit the weight room, make dinner (Monday-Friday) keep the house clean, get in my writing, work on my editing projects (I am doing Mark Tufo's Indian Hill series right now and LOVING it), and then try to squeeze in some leisure time...oh, and did I mention that FOOTBALL season is right around the corner?

I will say that I have now embraced the audio book. And I will be sharing my thoughts on that come Monday, so you won't want to miss my first review and some commentary on me. Oh, and that reminds me, here is a many of you have experienced an audio book? What are your views on that niche?

Have a great weekend.

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  1. When my grandmother was dying (of stomach and ovarian cancer), I made the two hour trek between here and my hometown a lot. I listened to Kim Harrison's entire The Hollows series on audiobook during that 18 months. I really liked it.

    For a while, I listened to audio books while I cleaned house as well (on my iPod), but I've found that time is better spent brainstorming on whatever fiction I'm writing at the moment. Thus, I haven't listened to a lot of audiobooks the last year or two.

    And I hear you on the TBR pile. Mine is horrendous. I've started doing a review roundup feature on my blog each month, though. So that gives me the perfect excuse to read more.