Monday, February 11, 2013

Walking Dead 309; They're back...


Yes...this is a review of the episode. Yes, it contains if you have not watched it yet and do not want any surprises ruined, click out now. peeking!

Okay, I gave some extra space so you wouldn't see anything if you wanted to escape on to the episode review.

First off, I have to get off my chest that I have very mixed feelings about how this show has strayed from the graphic novel. One of my biggest problems is what they have done with Andrea. She was such a strong character in the original version, and this weaker version is a bit of a downer. But let's talk about Rick...

Rick's issue in the graphic novel is his constant need to "be the savior" even if that meant abandoning his family (Karl and Lori) to do so. Every dirty job that came along, he was the one volunteering himself. The "phone" issue was a great bit in the original, it was a bit shorter here, but in its place, they have Rick going "full on crazy" (Thanks to Mark Tufo for the expression "full on"). The "Lori on the catwalk" scene at the end, and Rick going kooky was just not a scene that did it for me. And what the hell was with him spacing while holding Baby Judith? Does he think that this baby will ever bond with him if he doesn't start spending some time with her?

On other fronts, The Governor is losing his grip on Woodbury. The citizens may be seeing him for what he is, but they are mad for the wrong reasons. The "mercy" killing of the guy who was bitten was probably the kindest thing he could have done. We finally get Tyreese, but it does not look good for him and his people at the moment. And the biggest buzz generator has to be Merle and Daryl being reunited...and Daryl leaving Rick's group. You have to know that won't be permanent.

How great are Sunday nights? Sure, I miss football, but zombies make up for it.

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