Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jerry McKinney has a "must read" with Flesh & Blood.

Flesh & BloodFlesh & Blood by Jerry McKinney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Flesh & Blood by Jerry McKinney should move to the front of your TBR list today. As with his other work, Mr. McKinney is able to stuff an entire novel's worth of entertainment into a very short amount of space. Told from the perspective of a young adolescent teen living in the sticks, this story does some wonderful things. Especially notable is the way it comes full circle from the opening scene to the closing.

There are no distractions as the editing is clean and the story reads very well from start to finish. I would highly recommend that you pick this one up today. It is a front runner for one of my favorite reads of the year and will be used as my benchmark for what other stories will need to do in order to impress me.


  1. This was an awesome read! Mr. McKinney did a great job of telling his story with great characters in a short story. His collection, Nightsound, is one all horror fans should own.

  2. Mr. McKinney tells the best stories. I am not generally a fan of horror but Mr. McKinney is a story teller extraordinaire. The reader feels the passion in his characters and shivers at the outcome. I have all of his work and am waiting for more. Please keep writing.