Monday, February 18, 2013

The Walking Dead--310

I want to start my review by first posting a link to a great post by my friend, Armand Rosamilia. (Just click on his name...I'll wait.)

So...while Rick continued to roam "Crazy Town" and Glenn turned into a Korean Rambo...the series continued to get farther away from the graphic novel. I no longer consider this the same story that I fell in love with as I flipped though page after page of Kirkman's epic creation. I now see this as a really good zombie series that uses some of the same bits and pieces as the GN. That said, this was actually a pretty good episode.

A great moment between the Dixon brothers gave their relationship a new depth. This is more than a good versus evil brother story. It is a story sidetrack that does what I want in my zombie fiction. It takes what would normally be a simple stereotype (in Merle) and gives it all three dimensions. This is what the horror genre is starved for in the era of torture porn.

We get a bit of a confrontation between Glenn and Maggie. Ladies, I need you to help me wrap my mind around this. I am not understanding her reaction at all. She wanted a stronger man, now that she has it...what? Is he not "doing it right?" Is Glenn not supposed to be upset about what happened? Seriously...I feel like I am missing the boat on that part.

To add to the story, Andrea continues to make bad decision upon bad decision involving The Governor and Woodbury. That entire scene is screaming "get out, woman!" But she just wanders around and acts oblivious. To think for one second that she does not KNOW where The Governor went...

Which brings me to the best ten minutes of the season. First off, it seems that everybody finally took some "Reality Pills" when it came to shooting, because I never saw so many automatic weapons fired that hit ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We now have a new term in our lexicon: "Walker Bomb". In an apocalyptic version of a car bomb, driving a van loaded with undead and crashing the gate of the prison was epic.

Something tells me that there is a war brewing. Isn't this a sad editorial on humanity when, while faced with our own extinction, we still divide into factions and turn on one another. It is sad, but I firmly believe that this is how we would unfortunately respond to just such an event.

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  1. So who drove the delivery van of walkers into the prison yard? I can't imagine they would have put a helmet on the guy/gal if it was some random thug from Woodbury.

    I agree that this was a solid episode. The dynamic between the brothers is superb.

    Nice review, Mr. Brown.