Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead--311

So, back from a weekend at the Oregon Coast, but that did not keep me from catching the latest episode.

We are seeing the effects of Rick's breakdown on the rest of the group. For somebody who declared himself the leader and made the statement about things no longer being a democracy, Rick has done very little that can be construed as positive for quite a while. What makes this so poignant is that there is a stark reality about the toll stress can take on those with the burden of responsibility. To see a visible example, one simply needs to pull up an image of Lincoln at the start of his presidency and compare it to the final images after years of the Civil War etched out the lines of worry on his face.

Interestingly enough, Andrea decides to make a run back to her old crew and is surprised when she is not met with open arms. Since the story has already strayed so far...can we just start wishing for her demise? She sets women back decades with her weakness. Let's focus more on Michonne...she is becoming the female Daryl for me. And if you have any doubts about how strong she is...try those push-ups that she was knocking out while Merle watched and then made his attempt at an apology.

One of the most emotional scenes for me was when Karl told his dad to "quit". It has to be a heart breaker when your own son loses his confidence in you.

Tyrese is now in Woodbury. (I hope that this is temporary, his character plays off of Rick so well in the GN.) Will he see the Governor for who/what he really is? So many questions as we draw ever closer to the finale. The teasers keep promising a confrontation between Rick and the Governor...I think we finally get to that in the next episode.


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