Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The world we live in...

I hate commercials. I am not a fan of the "As Seen On TV" product line. I think most things that seem too good to be true usually are a bunch of hooey. (That is my technical term for male bovine excrement.) I believe you get what you pay for. If you buy something on the cheap, you don't get to bitch when it breaks.

Does that mean I don't get sucked in to things on occasion? Absolutely not. We are all at least a little driven by impulse. How many cases of buyers remorse have you experienced over your life? too. Lots...too many to count most likely.

My point? Just hold on, I'm getting to it.

My buddy, Beth.
I have a dear friend (from as far back as the teen version of me) named Beth. She has been my pal for decades. In and out of touch as people are prone to do over that many years, we reconnected a while back. She is funny, goofy, and people tell me she is really pretty. I just see her as Beth, the same girl I put in a garbage can one day in high school and then had to run to the principal's office and fess up as she was near tears and getting chewed out for being in a garbage can. Seriously...did they REALLY think my preppy pal put HERSELF there?

Beth is smart. One day, she was telling me about getting some of her legal stuff in order. Wills, divorces...stuff like that. I knew all about divorces. Funny thing, but right around that time, I'd been talking to Denise about my will. I actually need one. Maybe a few years ago there wasn't much to pass on, and even less that somebody would probably want. But now I have a house, a car...stuff.

Recently, I went to hear about this thing Beth kept talking about called Legal Shield. $20 a month for my wife and I to have 24/7 legal access? Sort of like insurance for life stuff. Harassment issues? Hmm... Wills? Contract disputes? Hell, just the will was enough, but all the other stuff? Cherry on top. 

So, am I pitching Legal Shield to you? Nope. That would be best left to my wife. After the lunch/pitch, we signed up for not only Legal Shield, but ID shield as well. Then...Denise was so impressed that she has met and spoken with Beth about repping for Legal Shield. Here is the funny part, when we went to this lunch/presentation, I was not in any way convinced that I would have any use for this legal stuff. Sadly, this is not the world from the pre-80s McDonald's lawsuit. One hour of a lawyer's time costs bucks. Almost as much as a year of Legal Shield. 

Want something even funnier? I hit the "Call Law firm" button on my phone app less than three weeks after signing up. I still have to fill out my will, but the local firm that works through Legal Shield is already stepping up for me in an issue. 

Like I said earlier, if you have questions...I am not the guy to ask. Feel free to give my wife a holler. Her email is Tell her you are curious about that Legal thingy.

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