Monday, June 22, 2015

Original Secrets

Stealing Lucky
This weekend was a busy one. Of course the big day was Father's Day. Mine was spectacular. I hope yours was as well. However, my festivities actually started on Friday. Denise and I were fortunate to be invited to catch Stealing Lucky and Business Suit Guy. We are fans of local Poison tribute band, Poison'us, and the drummer, Andrew Losli was kind enough to extend the invite. They are fronted by Will Barnes (who is also the front man for Poison'us), so we were anxious to see them doing their own thing.

The best way I can share the experience with my fellow 80s music fans is to say that, if Brett Michaels collaborated with Bun E. Carlos (coolest drummer in the world), the guitarist from Faster Pussycat, and the bass player from The Clash, that would be sort of the vibe you get from Stealing Lucky. The music is a crunchy 80s rock with lyrics that might make some delicate sorts blush a bit. In was a blast!  They were the best sort of fun, fast, and loud. We will be catching them again.

What I enjoyed most was seeing just how completely different singer Will Barnes is when he is not performing as the Brett character. Truly it is not even remotely close to watching the same person. If you want a real sample of their sound...check this out.

After the set, honestly, with what I had planned early Saturday morning (check back here on Wednesday to learn more), we were set on going home after Stealing Lucky. Andrew Losli suggested we stick around for Business Suit Guy. He said we would be blow away. We agreed...and were NOT disappointed.

Again, the best I can do for my music loving brethren is to say this. Imagine the lead guitarist from Cheap Trick went mad. Now, he ends up being possessed by Weird Al and forced to write the music for Metallica. Yeah...that STILL does not do it justice. Yes, they were hilarious, but not in a conventional way. The BSG front man and guitarist struts, pouts, and poses like any long-haired 80s hair band hero...only...

The man pulls off the most epic parody of all time. There is no real description that I could write to do this band justice. They were well worth staying up past our bed time. I wish I could tell you more, but you will have to see them for yourself. You truly do not expect what comes out of that three man band. Their sound is tight, their music is ferocious, and the lyrics will have you telling yourself that you could not have possibly heard what you thought you just heard that man say.

I walked out of the tiny club with Denise and we both expressed that we now had two more bands to add to our "must see" list. Thanks again to Andrew Losli and Will Barnes for their hospitality. It was a pleasure to see you guys doing what you so obviously love. And, yes, Andrew, you were right...Business Suit Guy was amazing.

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