Monday, June 8, 2015

Celebration of freedom.

Email me and I will reply with the MP3 recording of my old band.
Four years. (That is longer than any of my first three marriages lasted!) Today, June 8, 2011 was the day I came home. In my time away, I learned about appreciating things that I had long taken for granted. (Judging by my is high on that list, but I digress.) In that time, I have passed (apparently with exceptional marks) a polygraph that is given every 6 months, and placed on reduced supervision by the state because I have been such a "model" citizen (their designation, not just me blowing my horn).

Me sandwiched between proof that high school romances can last forever.
Add to that my long running sobriety, and I can say that I feel pretty good. However, for me, today is special because I have not only done all that has been asked of me by the state, but also managed to do well enough with my writing to take care of my wife. I told her when we first met that I would give her the world and everything in it. I am sure that smile was more about being polite than anything else. After all, men say a lot of crap. However, I have worked long days, 7-day work weeks with no breaks, all to get where I am now. And in doing that and not making excuses or crying about my situation, I have (thanks to my amazing readers) been able to provide my wife with her dream house, pay off her car (which was on the verge of being repo'd shortly after I came home), and build a life for her beyond her wildest dreams. (Again, those are her words.)

I thought I would I am hooked.
Toss in the fact that I have connected with my daughter, Ronni (born in December...and thus the "December" in my May December Publications label...contrary to the sick twists that ignorant people have tried to attach to the name of our publishing company). What else is left? I would only be greedy if I asked for anything more.

My sunshine...
Yet, every single month is a new adventure with rewards beyond my wildest dreams. I have not spoken on it much, but I am learning how to navigate my studio and will soon have my first full-length audio book narration credit. DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon. It has been a slow process, but it is simply a step in my evolution. 

The start of a new chapter...corporate sponsor!
Who knows what lies ahead...but whatever it is, I already consider myself lucky. I have a wonderful home, family, and friends. Add in the amazing readers who have helped make this happen, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Today, I will stand outside and look up at the moon just because I can. You would be surprised at how meaningful something so simple as that is when it was taken away for so long.


  1. This may be a duplicate...because it's Monday...I think.

    Thats karma! What happened before was just a glitch, a really big crappy glitch, because from what I have read it sure wasn't your karma that got you where you were. (not just location, you know what I mean)

    I'm a little too much of an angry bitter bitch to be very spiritual so karma works for me. Even though it wasn't your karma that messed things up for you in a way it gave you a gift. There is no possible way you would be cherishing everything the way you do now had you not had your glitch, right?
    Just remember YOU DESERVE THIS SO ENJOY IT!!!
    Take care of each other, best wishes Brown family from Kathy R Galloway & family
    P.S. I don't mean to be insulting by calling the hell you went through a glitch, I just can't think of a word that would fit.

    1. No insult there.

      And I will be the first to say that I was an ass (see the part about 3 marriages...while I might not have been the sole source of trouble, I gave more than my share of grief). That was just one thing that I set my mind to while I was become a better person. I was pretty selfish back then.

  2. Well it sure looks you have surpassed your goals! Married 3 times does not make you guilty of anything other than being cap. sav-a-ho, present wife excluded from that remark. You can sure tell that is your daughter! She got all the pretty girl parts though, good thing huh?
    Anyway, be happy, you have earned this.