Friday, June 12, 2015

Reviews, wish lists and a bird on my head.

So, I have started a new thing. Many of you know that I start my day with a check on any new reviews. Well, that had morphed into something else; I started checking wish lists. I was thrilled to see my title on the wish list of a complete stranger. They loved one of my DEAD Box Sets, so I decided to gift them the one from their wish list. Hey, it just  seemed like a fun thing to do.

Since I am on the subject of reviews, I know a lot of you read my stuff. I enjoy your emails telling me what you think. Did you know that your  sharing those thoughts in the form of reviews make a difference to Amazon and their mysterious algorithms? It's true. And as always, I feel it is my duty to point out, I am not seeking just positive reviews. It is always okay to call me on my work and let me know you were not exactly thrilled. (As a side note, it is always nice to click on the "yes" button saying that other reviews were helpful.)

As another side note, rolling into the weekend, I am mulling about the idea of doing a Skype call giveaway. That would mean that YOU would get to sit down face-to-face with me via Skype or Google Plus and ask me all those questions you have been dying to ask. And, if you are so inclined, I might even read a section of DEAD: End to you as a sneak peek. Anybody interested?


  1. MR Brown nice birds ! i dint know you where a animal hoarder . :) like me 3 dogs 4cats 2 birds and fish. Skype sounds cool if you can Skype. i cant. just finished dead book 10 ill put up revue this weekend when i have some time and my wife to help with some spelling. one word revue spectacular

  2. I'm way behind on looking at my favorite blogs, and was really surprised that you have a cockatoo along with your grey. Grey dust drives me a bit nutty so I can't imagine how you deal with Too dust and Grey dust being a OCD'r. I have 4 parrots..2 are tiny parrotlets then there's my best bud Doodlebug the Senegal and last but not least is Dorian the amazing African Grey. My husband I would have a houseful of parrots but not as young as we used to be and at least one of our parrots will outlive us and is in our will. Also have a West Highland Terrier pup that is the most vocal dog I've ever encountered. Our house can be a little noisy with whistling, tweeting, and talking coming from the bird room but it all sounds like music to me. I don't Skype but enjoy most of your books and I'm looking forward to Dead: End