Monday, June 29, 2015

Moving the office outdoors.

My office this past weekend.
As I said Friday, I was taking off to the woods of the Pacific Northwest for the weekend to work on my upcoming NON-zombie novel, UnCivil War: A Modern Day Race War in the United States. The weather here was going to be in the triple digits, so I thought it would be a nice way to get out and enjoy some cooler temps as well as get some work done.

This was the reason I got my CR-V, but had to move the tent due to the rocky ground.
I actually did get a great deal of work done and am now in the final stretch of the writing process. I am starting to get the jitters about this book since it is so different from what my amazing readers are used to. Also, this is one of those books that can cause some extreme emotions from the readers. I had to use some rather unpleasant language and deal with some vile subject matter to make this book come together. however, if you have been watching the news, I think this book may resonate.

My roof this weekend.
I plan on making another excerpt as the feature of Wednesday's blog post. I am thinking I might actually include a rather rough scene. The language will be "uncomfortable" at best, but this might give you more reason to decide if this is a book you will be reading. Any thoughts on the matter?

Those stones are usually under about a foot of rushing water from the melting mountain snow.
One thing I did observe this weekend was just how bad the lack of snow has hurt our water supply. The rivers and creeks in the area were WELL below their normal levels. I took a few walks in between writing sessions, and with nobody within a mile of my location, got to really enjoy nature. I do live in a very beautiful part of the country.

So peaceful, I saw a great variety of the Northwest wildlife.
So, I hope you all had a great weekend and here is to a fantastic week. Mine is booked with the start of a photography class, the finishing of my book, and the normal chores that come each week. Still, I feel amazingly refreshed and ready to push forward.

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  1. i look foreword to listening to your new book. at this point i have 15 audiobooks by you. i know you can tell one hell of a story !! i don't mind unpleasant language and vile subject matter. just wont listen around my wife.
    i think that a good book should give you extreme emotions . this is why i keep coming back to your books