Monday, February 9, 2015

Why would you want to see everything you love destroyed?

We are absolutely fascinated by the apocalypse. For whatever reason, death and destruction on a massive and global scale intrigues us. Admit it, when you drive around, you see things and think "This is a good place to set up a base camp if the zombie apocalypse comes." And now, YOU can actually see the ultimate ending play out in your own hometown. How? I'll tell you in a bit. Honestly.

When I started the DEAD series, I had no idea that things would go so well. Seriously. Granted, of course I was hoping for the books to sell, but when you are chasing your dream, how often do you really believe that you will catch it?

Fast-forward just a few years and I have over 20 titles available, three series (one in the final stages of wrapping up--DEAD--and another that is still trying to get its legs under it--That Ghoul Ava--) and a couple of stand alone titles. I am developing a graphic novel, finishing a project that I began in the early 90s, and now, I am about to launch a brand new series...sort of.

The DEAD: Snapshot--{Insert Town Here} is my soon-to-be-released series. Okay, it is only partially new. It is set in the same world that my DEAD series has created, and there may be "guest" appearances by characters from the series that you know and love (or hate). The big difference (and as a writer, this will be my challenge) is that these stories are all stand alone tales that will have a beginning and an end in ONE book. There will not be sequels to these tales that are set in a specific location.

The first (as you may have heard, is DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon. The next one will be Leeds, England. Since I first put out the word, I have had over two hundred responses as people send me a request to see their town's fate brought to life in my DEAD world. And the beauty is that this has no limits. So, if you would like to have your town (or maybe a town you REALLY hate!) wiped out in the zombie apocalypse, simply send me the name of this town via email to In the subject line, just enter. "I WANT TO SEE THE DEAD TAKE MY TOWN". If your town is chosen, you might even receive a signed copy of the book as well as discover your own fate as a namesake character makes his or her appearance.

It is the end of the world. Bring the zombie apocalypse home and make it personal.

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  1. Hi Todd, I recently bought a box set of your Dead books for my Kindle, it was recommended by a fellow blogger, but I can't remember who???
    I'm already on book two, gotta say I'm lovin' it!!! With 20 books already written and more on the way, I've got a bit of catching up to do! Keep up the great work!!
    I'm gonna add my hometown to your list to be Zombiedfied, you'll love the name, its quite apt really!