Friday, February 6, 2015

Aoleon--The Martian Girl (Part One)

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The first thing I should say is that this is not a title that is normally on my reading list. However, when offered the title in exchange for an honest review, I figured it was a "nothing gained--nothing lost" situation. This book was a treat. Brent LeVasseur has something here that is VERY appealing.

What I do not do is give up spoilers. So my commentary is strictly related to the story and how I feel it will come across. This is a joy not only to read, but also to look at. In the age of PIXAR animation, these images will instantly become something that will captivate a young reader due to how much they look like something that would transfer to a movie so easily.

What makes this story really pop are the well couched pop culture references. Nothing is forced and there is a moral to the story in there, but nothing that is shoved at the reader. This is book one of a series and I honestly believe that if you have a young person that might be much of a reader, this is a great way to bring them in with something that is entertaining, funny, and astoundingly illustrated.

Book Description:

Crop circles magically appear in Farmer Johnson’s field. A mysterious light sweeps over the night sky and awakens Farmer Johnson and Gilbert, the boy next door. 

Curious, Gilbert ventures out to discover the source of the light and stumbles into a beautiful Martian girl sitting in a crop circle. Farmer Johnson also investigates the strange light, and thinking that Gilbert and Aoléon are vandals, he chases them. But they sprint to Aoléon’s saucer and escape only to be pursued by the U.S. Air Force. 

Gilbert has never been attacked by swarms of giant killer robots. Never met strange aliens from other worlds. Never skyboarded across a megalopolis hidden deep inside an extinct volcano. Never trekked across a vast Martian desert. And never been eaten alive by a gigantic slor (well, almost never, unless you count Billy the fat bully at school). 

And luckily, he has never ever confronted an evil ruler of Mars bent on conquering the Earth to steal its cows. 

Never...until now! 

This may be the adventure Gilbert always wished for. 

If only he can survive.

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