Monday, February 2, 2015

Shake down and $325 just sitting there.

So, still a bit raw over yesterday's ending to the big game. Probably need therapy until the middle of next season just to be able to think of Pete Carroll and not want to scream, cry, or commit murder. is returning to a sense of normality around here. In reality, it has been in a state of massive turmoil for the past two or so weeks (none of it having anything to do with the football season, but more on the real life personal side), but the worst is now past and all is well.

Now that things are settling down, I am able to really focus. Not only on my writing, but also on my studio production. Yes, I do have the last few chapters of DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon left to finish, but then I have UnCivil War to wrap, the new That Ghoul Ava on the Lam to edit, and the 11th book of the DEAD series to write. No time to rest, you are only as relevant as your latest release.

I have some cool announcements in the wing, like the upcoming launch of my OFFICIAL web page and {gasp} a newsletter you will be able to subscribe to, some groovy merchandise that will start becoming available, as well as tons of the free stuff to give away. That brings me to a quick note, I still have 25 audio book titles (valued at over $325) that are (as of 7AM PST this morning) unclaimed by their winners. That means it will probably be time to crawl back in there and see what I can re-gift. This is part of the less-than-glamorous aspect of my life. It is like throwing a party and not having anybody show up. Only, in this case, you give away hundreds of dollars worth of stuff (sometimes close to $1000 at a time) and people don't even want it for free. Ouch, man. Check here Friday to see what I will be pulling out to give away.

This year will be a big one for me. Branching out as a narrator, I will be opening myself up to an entirely new batch of criticism. Stay tuned right here for details on my first ever audio release. And then there is the huge promotion with the Portland Thunder. To say that I have stepped out on a ledge is giving way too much credit to that narrow sliver I am standing on. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck to you with all your projects. Thank you for all the wonderful books that you have written. I can't wait for the next in the series to come out be it from the Dead series or from That Ghoul Ava.

  2. i will save my audible credits fore a bit
    give the dogs some love from me


    1. Works for me. And no worries about the love for the dogs...will do.

  3. i tried audible books and they just send me to sleep :( not a great way to get your story telling!! or drive! what a terrible shame :(

  4. No sleeping while driving! Rule one. Besides, I know you will be reading my stuff.