Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm ba-aa-ack!

They say that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not true.

Oh yeah, she is doing EXACTLY what you think she is! And her "friend" is bailing.

Although, I bet that young lady puking in the garbage can on the concourse by the V Theater (where Denise and I saw Zombie Burlesque) wishes that were true. You see, in this day and age, nothing stays where it is probably supposed to stay.

Speaking of Zombie Burlesque...that is a great place to start. Wait, not true. I should start by saying that it is great to be back. As much fun as Denise and I had on the trip, being home feels wonderful. So much I could share, like the fact that I would never be able to wash the top of my head again if Denise had her way after Donny Osmond gave it a little rub after high-fiving Denise as he sang and walked down our aisle where we sat watching the Donny and Marie show.

Or I could talk about the great day we had out at the Hoover Dam with a wonderful person who so generously provided us with a room at the MGM Grand Signature Suites (on the 37th floor!). I could share about culinary delights and the man who inspired me to create an upcoming super-villain in my DEAD: Snapshot series. Just be ready to buy the tee shirt with "I sentence you to...THE DARKNESS!" when they become available.

The view from our balcony.
I could mention that the Vegas of today does not even remotely resemble the Vegas I knew in the early 90s. It is amazing in many ways. But can I ask a question? Who brings their KIDS to Vegas?! You can spruce it up and put a roller coaster on every corner, but that is just not a town that should be on the "Family Vay-cay" list. At best, they are in the way. At worst...well...they just don't fit. Also, the "Bad Customer Service" disease seems to have found its way in to a place where I remember as being one of the MOST customer oriented locales in the world. When did rudeness become okay for blackjack dealers? In the old days, one complaint from an unhappy patron might cost a person his or her job. Not anymore. 2 out of every 3 dealers I encountered were either rude, could not speak or understand clear English or BOTH!

I could share how I now have a guitar that was used in the show Raiding the Rock Vault and signed by the entire cast including many who have played with bands from the 80s! Or how my normally stage shy wife was part of the Anthony Cools hypnotist show. (I have the DVD of the performance to prove it!)

But, instead, I will simply say that I had the time of my life. I am glad to be home, and to my "anonymous" host...thank you to both you and your husband for being part of such a wonderful experience.


  1. glade you guys had a good time and welcome home

  2. Sounds awesome! So happy for you and Denise. :-) (Denise --- I wouldn't let him wash his head again either. LOL)