Monday, November 3, 2014

Calling ALL bloggers, reviewers, and interview types!

The sun is setting.

As many of you may or MAY NOT know, my newest book in the DEAD series is now available. Book 10, DEAD: Reclamation is now available. I have been one of those guys, always eager to promote my friends. Always available to answer questions. When people leave me compliments or email me about how much the enjoy my work, I am first and foremost, THANKFUL. After that, I tell them about a few of my friends with really great stuff out there that they should give a read.

Well, that is what I need form some of you. Yep. I am currently available for blog interviews. (I can offer epub or mobi giveaways, audiobooks, the usual.) The last time I threw this request to the wind, I got 3 replies. Sort of disheartening. And I am sure some people would not wish to share that sort of makes it sound like I am largely ignored. The truth of the matter is that I still have a long way to go to breach the hallowed halls of fame. I do like that I can still be readily accessible to my core of devoted fans. To be honest, it still feels weird to have fans. I see me every day, so it is no big deal, but when I meet or talk to some of my readers, they get all worked up. That always catches me off guard.

Recently, I got bounced form a group doing a Halloween week promo because some of the group did not want to be in if I was involved. So here I am, hat in hand, trying not to sound pathetic OR pitiful, but the reality is that an author can't succeed without people willing to promote and share. There are plenty of talented authors, many MUCH better than me, who twist in obscurity because they are not part of the "COOL KIDS" groups.

So, if you have some space, want to do an interview...or anything like that, then I am ready to receive the bump you provide by allowing me to introduce your followers/readers/fans to my DEAD series.

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