Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where does a sick mind come from?

Fans of my DEAD series can attest that I do not shy away from the darker side of humanity. And before you start rattling pitchforks and lighting torches to storm the your local news. Just this morning, there is a story about a father that threw his seven-week-old son against a wall and killed him because he was "being fussy."

I am not the originator of evil. However, I am well aware that it exists. I have seen it up close...lived beside it...

And that brings me to my point. The other day, I slipped on a zombie mask and came to the sliding glass door of my house. My two dogs had VERY different reactions. Tyrion 's hackles came up and he made a lot of noise. And when I pawed my way into the house, he took off. However, my sweet red Border Collie Aoife...she came up and tried to get me to pet her.

My immediate thought was that this was a scene for DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon.

Yep...a beloved pet walks unwittingly but willingly into the jaws of death when her master is bitten and turns. I can already tell you that just writing that scene is going to wreck me for the day. It will take all of my emotions and tear my heart out.

So why do it? BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE THE READER FEEL SOMETHING. That is always my goal. The greatest rush is when I can simply put words on paper that will make the reader have a visceral reaction. Tears? If I make you cry with words on can that not be the ultimate compliment? You felt true emotion or something that is entirely made up!

A writer never knows when or where inspiration will strike. And I can only speak for myself...but I am helpless to stop it when it comes.

And now, I must prepare for my trip back to prison where I will be a speaker of the motivational type. Wish me well.

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