Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everybody needs to just calm down...


I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of those currently affected by this horrible disease. However, two cases is not enough to get worked up over. Two out of 317 million is .0000063 percent of the population. I realize this is a big scary disease, but how many of you caught SARS? West Nile? H1N1?

My coffee time travels!
Are you feeling me? Should we keep aware of the situation? Sure. And if Dallas falls under a citywide quarantine...then PANIC! But right now...let's all just sip our coffee and take a deep breath. And that brings me to my newest obsession... COFFEE CUPS! I LOVE THEM! I am always keeping my eyes open for a new and interesting mug to add to my collection.

I drink way more coffee than I probably should, but since I don't do drugs, smoke, or consume alcohol, I figure I am allowed this one vice. And since I am a daily consumer of the bitter brew of the gods, I like to have interesting vessels in which to sip from.

I posed for this mug BEFORE my morning cup. Mroar!

No cream, no sugar. Just straight up black and bitter. And since Denise likes to surprise me from time to time with "flowers" for keeping the house clean, cooking, getting her lunch ready every day before she goes to work, she brings me a new and interesting cup when she comes home from work. And now, since I have implored you to relax, I leave you with something from a much simpler time. So...relax...everything will be okay.

And if that didn't work...listen to Frankie. Frankie say...

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