Monday, October 13, 2014

Coffee with Caroline...

Not long ago, I opened the door to my readers and invited them to ask me questions. One reader in particular has sent me well over 100 questions. I have decided to take some of these on Mondays and answer them over my morning coffee.

I hope you enjoy this new little feature. And remember, you can still send me your questions anytime. Maybe this coffee thing will become a round-table discussion. But for now...

1)       Say a person has an above average addiction to chocolate, would that person become violent to anyone or anything standing in the way of getting what chocolate remains edible around his/her location?  Just asking because… know, just curious.

I think that person becomes a deranged maniac and starts killing at random due to absolute frustration.

But seriously, I think all sorts of people with a wide variety of addictions--everything from chocolate to coffee, to smoking--are going to have a rough first few months. But the body will "detox" as it were. Also, that desire to survive might help flush the system and alter the priorities.

2)       How long do you think you and your’s could survive during a Zombie Apocalypse?

Denise and I have talked about this. I have what I would consider an average to above average chance. Her...well...not so much.

3)       Would you ‘Bug Out’ or ‘Bug In’?

We live in a rural location, so there is a chance that we could fortify our home and make a go of it here. The only down side is that we are about a mile and a half from the Clackamas River. Water would be vital, so it is likely that we would have to re-locate.

4)       Why haven’t more people tried bugging in?  Your books generally have them running hell bent for leather away, why have there not been many staying put?

I think what gets missed is sort of what I mentioned above...the NEED for water. Once the grid goes down, taps are dry. Unless you are by a ready source, you are in trouble.

5)       If a person is currently in a long distance relationship and the z-virus breaks out, what do you think the chances are of one reaching the other?  That is, say one tells the other, “Don’t leave that area!  I will find you, I will come for you, wait for me!”

While fine for a movie like The Last Mohican, I think it is a doomed idea. You are talking about putting yourself in grave danger to get to somebody that you have never actually met in person. I think Alyson Hannigan is the only person I would put myself at that degree of risk to get to in a zombie apocalypse. (Note: My wife gave me permission for that last statement.)

So, there you have it. Just some fun and random questions. See ya Wednesday. Until then, have an excellent start to your week.


  1. I've tackled an elderly woman on the last day of a chocolate Easter Bunny sale. Just saying, months might be cutting the degree of detox time a bit short. Love the answers!

  2. see i'd of asked you questions; but i couldn't of ever thought of such good questions... ;)